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Testing and Evaluation Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

When making my design I faced a few problems, I had some faults in my design spec. which I had to change and re think. For example I found that the stresses would be to large on my base with the weight of my hand, so therefore I opted to make a second base to allow the stress balance to be spread between the two. I did this because after time the stress could cause my wood to crack. I also had a problem with my hand. I originally imagined it to be made out of wood; however this would have been to time consuming so therefore I decided to make it out of metal. The process I had to use for my hand was sand casting. To make this happen I had to make a dummy hand to use for the sand casting. For this I had to use a normal latex rubber glove and fill it with some plaster of Paris. The slight problem was when the plaster was drying due to the strange shape I required the latex glove especially at the fingers made a really loose bond between the hand structure and the fingers. So when I cut away the glove to leave the hand structure the fingers tended to fall off.

To overcome this I decided to instead of taking it out of the glove to leave it in. This in a way helped with the groves in the hand when the fingers were bent because it provided when done, my hand with a real sense of realism. I faced some problems with my base as it cracked under the pressure. So when I made a new one I had a small amount of time so I had to do a lot of work. I think if I had the time again I would make the base of my design different and have I much larger base with more aspects to it. I wanted to incorporate copper into my design however there wasn’t really any method for this to happen because it wouldn’t have had any effect on the lights structure but just on the aesthetical aspect of the design. To make sure that if my project was to be mass produced then I could have created a jig.

This would have allowed for the user to have the same base size etc. every time one is made, this would be a good thing to have because in industry you want to have a large turnover to make the biggest amount of profit available. So to have something that could create the same sized bases in a certain amount of time.

Evaluating against my specification

In my specification I stated that my design needed to be free standing, I did this by making my design base wide enough to with take the stresses from the objects above. I made my base circular so that the weight would be spr

ead equally. So therefore my design has met the specification, however if my design didn’t fit

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the specification then I would have to change my design.

I have many different techniques to make my job stand out as much as possible. For one I used LED’s to create the lighting effect however I also used sycamore and metal to construct my basic design layout. The wood that I used I sanded and polished so that it was very smooth, with no sharp edges. One of my specification points stated that I shouldn’t have any sharp edges on my work so that it’s suitable for little children. Another point is that I must use a large range of different materials. I think that I met this point well however in my original design I was using plastic swell however with the method of manufacture that I first came up with it wasn’t viable to work with and I had to change the design so that it didn’t have plastic incorporated. I had to change it because of the complex structure that my hand had. The key factor was when I vacuum formed my hand I wouldn’t be able to get the mould out of the plastic, and if I had then the plastic would have possibly split. This would have been to time consuming so I changed my idea to make it out of metal.

Another of my spec points was to make sure that when the light had been wired up that all of the wires were well widen in some way, for this I hollowed out my base and drilled holes for the LED’s to slot into. To show this I have put a picture to show how the finished base looked, however with the picture shown gives the rough look of my base. I had to make sure that the whole concept of my design was safe. Meaning that there are no loose wires etc. Shown in the picture to the left is the base of my project. To make sure the wires don’t fall out I had made a new piece of wood that would be held in place. This has got to be a crucial part of the design or it wouldn’t sell.

To make sure that all of the joints I made were to a high standard I used everything probable to make sure they were as good as possible. For example when sanding down my job in the vice I put a piece of cloth in between my work the jaws of the vice. This was to protect it as the vice is very dirty and could easily mark my wood, which would mean more work form me to get the job back smooth and straight. So to prevent this I just protected it at all times with a piece of cloth. I also made sure that I used all of the correct sanding equipment. Some sanding paper is more resistant and is used for making wood smooth; however some is for large amounts of surface area that needs to be sanded. So to get the best results I work in stages, to get the result I wanted, starting with the roughest paper working my way down to the smoother paper. But I think I could have made the sanding aspect of my design a bit better.

Overall my design had to have a very distinctive look, something which would catch the eye of the customer and make them want to buy it. I think I grasped that concept well and made a design worthy of going into the wider market. If I had the time to make a different design, with the knowledge I have gained from this project then I think I would have made my design along the lines of something a bit more complicated because I found that the design I had was boring at times and I wanted it to have more features but at the time it wasn’t feasible. I would have also used more materials, for example materials that aren’t normally used, to make my design more original. By making my design as original as possible it would make it more appealing to a potential customer’s eye. I was very pleased with the overall outcome of my light. I like the way my light is set out in 3 different sections, each having there very own part on my light. For example the first base has the light incorporated into the top layer. Allowing the light to shine through onto my hand. This creates a really strong effect on the hand above as the light shines straight onto the hand.

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