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The reason why you test anything, not just in ICT is to find errors. The reason why I am performing the testing is to find errors in my system. it is almost like a self destructive process where the system producer goes through the system as the user would and tests the system and sees which parts of the system need changing. The way I will be performing these tests is by telling you the type of test, the reason for the test, telling you what the actual test data is, the expected outcome, the actual outcome and finally the corrective action.

There are four different types of testing. I will tell you about each one in turn. They are,

Logical Testing – logical testing will be used to test each table, form, query, macro, report. This will be done as soon as it has been implemented. It will test validation, formatting etc.

Functional Testing – as the name suggests functional testing tests the functions within the system. It also looks at how the various objects within your database interact with each other. This also tests my switchboard and other navigation features and also security.

System testing – this tests the system from start to finish. It is like a walk through of the entire system seeing that it works properly.

End User Testing – this will be combined with system testing. In this part of the testing the end user will be asked to walk through the entire system and giving feedback on it.

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