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Nowadays, messaging on a cell phone while driving is an everyday occurrence. Drivers all over engage in these activities without fully understanding the consequences that certainly can follow. Texting and driving, even for a second, can take your eyes off the road long enough to be distracting and hazardous to you. Notably, researchers have come to the conclusion that texting and driving accidents are prone from the advance usage of increased technology. Today texting and driving is compared to driving under the influence. Texting is a great way of communication but it’s dangerous to drive distracted at the wheel. Society is going through a dangerous phase, but nothing has helped to change the attitude that texting at the wheel will be okay. The majority of drivers in society practice the terrible habit of texting and driving.

When others see this task being down first hand, whether it be another driver at a stoplight or the parent from the front seat, they automatically believe they can text and drive as well. But, the unknown reality of the humans’ ability of multitasking is greatly over exaggerated and very rarely successful. In my high school we had an organization promoting safe driving called Project Ignition. We were given assemblies and activities to show how hard and difficult it honestly is to text and drive. When going through these examples we learned that when texting and driving we look at the road fifty percent less than those who do not.

That is equivalent to taking your eyes off the road for five seconds per every one hundred yards you are driving. And with that statistic the accidents are raised to an extremely dangerous number of twenty three percent. When your likely hood of getting into an accident is close to one in every four, you should take precautions for your own safety and everyone else of the road. The awareness of these odds are not widely well know, but should be made more prevalent to the public.

There are more and more organizations that are being made to raise awareness for the dangers and statistics of texting and driving, including things like how it effects you and how well you can multitask. Studies have shown driving legally drunk the stopping distance from 70 mph increased by 4 feet. In contrast, simply reading an e-mail added another 36 feet, while sending a text added 70 feet. The word needs to get out because when you are distracted at the wheel it can be detrimental to your life. And although it is extremely sad, those few seconds of distraction have led to multiple young deaths that could have been prevented with the correct precautions taken. Over one million accidents happen annually due to texting and driving and over three hundred thousand of them are fatal. But that still accounts for eleven teen deaths per day in the United States alone.

The government has taken some precautions but still isn’t well known as a law as of now. Even though many people are aware of the new laws there are still people who ignore these laws. This is not a time to say rules were made to be broken. Rules and laws although can seem extreme they are trying to help you in any way possible to keep young adults safe and out of harm’s way. Citations should be given to drivers who text while driving because in order to view or reply to any text message, their eyes have to be completely off of the road for a given time period. There is absolutely no such thing as the perfect driver, let alone somebody being able drive perfectly while text messaging no matter how advanced the technology may be because it will still be a constant distraction taking your attention away from the road. Today the statistics of automobile accidents involving cell phones are dramatically increasing, especially with teenagers and young adults. It is made known that as Americans you are a free, you can do what you want but within reason or pay consequences.

Consiquensces can be fairly small to a catastofy to someones life. When you hear that any human passes away due to texting and driving you fill up with emotions. Im guilty of texting and driving. I put myself and everyone around me at risk whenever I would pick up my phone to answer some worthless text. I always would hear the words “no text is worth it” by my high school program. I would always push it away and act like I was invincible. “Oh it won’t happen to me” is how my thought process went. Then I get a phone call saying that a friend was in an accident and he is hurt very bad. That half second not looking at his phone he went of the interstate ramp and flipped his truck. Thankfully he is still with us today and from this day forward I push for any stop the text foundations telling anyone I know or see this story to show how dangerous and how meaning full your life is.

You cannot waist your life on a silly text. Very recently in my sr. year of high school four Project Ignition group leaders and I got the chance to take our efforts even further. Just spreading the word to our school and community was not enough for what we were trying to succeed. We got to meet up with with our state representative and show him what we have learned and he gave us an insite on what they plan to have changed. The law first put into place was there was not allowed to be usage of phones through construction zones and they jumped up from that to making a hand held device in general illegal to use when driving. Either pull over or get a blue tooth for calls and honestly that makes me feel safer when out on the road. There are over thirty eight states to this day that have banned the use age of texting and driving. So that means that the work has honestly just started and there is still room for improvement. understanding that texting and driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving and slowly is rising up as one of the main reasons for collitions in the united states must be put into more notice.

Officers I honestly think should try to focus on drivers eyes when driving as im sure they already do and just by suspition pull them over. Death happens to everyone but a persons safety to live a long happy life is way more important then a text message that can wait. Many countries have passed laws which forbid texting while driving. Law enforcement agencies strive to ensure that drivers adhere to the regulations. Many accidents are caused every day by people trying to drive while either texting or using their cell phones. Alterman first drove legally drunk and his stopping distance from 70 mph increased by 4 feet. In contrast, simply reading an e-mail added another 36 feet, while sending a text added 70 feet. Everybody has an individual role to play in order to promote the widespread of information; not only do drivers need to be aware that texting and driving is lethal, but teen drivers must understand the consequences that can come from texting and driving. Parents should set a good example by refraining from making calls or texting while driving.

Not only to protect themselves but to start there young children out understanding how dangerous life can be. People are often advised to pull off the road park and respond to the text. Teenagers tend to be rebellious in all aspects. I will admit I was one of them. But now I realize that I could of very easily been the one getting in the wreck hurting myself. In connection with that, parents can confiscate or lock up cellular devices of their teen children who take the driver’s seat. However, the most effective means of minimizing accidents occurring from texting is avoiding the temptation to text while driving.

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