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Respond to the following in complete, well-developed sentences. Have the questions for 1-4 available while you watch the short video at this address: 1. Upton Sinclair was called a “muckraker.” How did Sinclair “muckrake” for social reform? 2. Sinclair was convinced “…. through art one could cause change.” What was established as a direct result of the public outcry from this novel? 3. What did the author want to happen as a result of his novel? 4. How did the public react to his novel?

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle exposed filthy conditions in meat packing plants. The public was outraged and the government responded. In 1992 ABC-News did a similar story, this time in a supermarket. Visit PBS “Food Lyin” at this web address and answer the questions that follow: 5. What did the ABC-News story find was happening in Food Lion stores? 6. Could Food Lion prove the findings were false?

7. What was the basis of Food Lion’s lawsuit against ABC-News? 8. What was the jury’s verdict?
9. What was the jurors’ rationale for the verdict?

Upton Sinclair Part B-The Discussion
Sound Off and Break it Down: Argue or Agree with your classmates! * Post your response to this question:
Do you believe journalists have a duty to be “watchdogs” for the public? Why or why not? Then, copy and paste your response in a Word document, and submit it the document as the Portfolio item for Part B of the assignment.

Jack London and Naturalism
Part 1
From the lecture and live lesson discussion, answer the following questions: 1. What does “survival of the fittest” mean, and where does the phrase come from?

2. What is socialism? Why was London attracted to it?

3. What is social Darwinism? What were its origins and how did London interpret this philosophy?

Part 2
After you have read the original version of “To Build a Fire,” answer the following questions (an audio version is available at 1. What is the setting of the story?

2. What is the central conflict of the story? What is the source of the struggle?

3. What happens to Tom Vincent at the end of the story? What does he learn? Part 3
After reading the last three paragraphs of the second version of the story (the alternate ending), answer the following questions: 1. What happens to the central character at the end of the second version?

2. Which one of these endings do you think more clearly meets the conventions of naturalism? Be sure to consider the concept of determinism as you list your reasons.

Part 4
Which version of the ending best reflects the elements of Naturalism? In at least 2 paragraphs of at least 4 to 6 sentences, state which version best reflects Naturalism. State two reasons why and give two specific examples from the story for each reason.

Important thoughts to assist with completing this handout:
Determinism: How does nature map out the man’s fate?
Character: Think about the man in the story and his economic status. Do you think a wealthy person would risk his life for gold?

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