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It think that preparation for NYS high-stakes testing plays important role for every students as it opens new opportunities to succeed in future. High-stakes tests are an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and abilities in testing situations. Moreover, students are allowed to show their wit and intelligence. The role of teacher is crucial for preparing students for tests and I agree that teachers should choose narrow topics to discuss rather than general.

There are many available methods and techniques for preparing students and when choosing teachers should consider needs of all students. Moreover, to respond to demands of avalanche of the tests, teachers are to be assessment literate as it broadens the perspective to view assessment as dynamic process. I think that illustrative information – tables, graphs, charts – are very important for preparing as the visible information is easier remembered. Also I agree that there is a need to improve preparing for Bloom’s taxonomy and the Earth Science Regents.

Response #2

It is a matter of fact that Regents Physic test is not an easy thing for students and it requires good preparation. Despite the fact that nothing tricky was in question, every person may easily commit mistake because of inattentiveness, for example. Easy questions don’t mean the highest grade. Nevertheless, I agree that the test is balanced as it embraces all sub-fields and related areas – the questions included tests for knowledge and mathematical questions.

The positive moment is that the test adequately covered questions requiring basic knowledge and computing as it gave an opportunity to assess both students’ theoretical and practical knowledge. For example, a student may understand an issue theoretically, but may fail to compute everything right. Therefore, preparation for Physic Regents testing is very important as students work with example problems solving and reviewing them in class.

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