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With the key terms and outline of our team explained by our captain, both Western and Chinese parenting styles are important in raising children because different styles suit different children. Even though they are of equal significance to various cultures, to distinguish which parents are better at raising children, we will have to look at other parts of parenting. Besides parenting styles, communication also plays an essential role in parenting. And communication is exactly what Chinese parents are lacking.

It’s not hard to understand why communication is so crucial in raising children. Only by communicating can parents understand how their children feel. Through verbal communication or body language, children can also feel the affection and care from their parents. Expressing and exchanging views are important, because it’s the only way that makes parenting efficient. If the parent lacks communication with the child, it is very likely that they have a poor relationship, thus lowering the efficiency of parenting. Referring to the eagle dad and tiger mum example mentioned by our captain, these extreme parents do not know how their children feel because of a lack of communication; therefore they force their children to do things instead of letting them choose. And this is definitely not how parenting is meant to be.

Moreover, a person’s ‘self-concept’ is their sense of who they are and how they feel about their place in their family and community. Positive communication between parents and children help build a child’s affirmative self-concept, to help them manage stress, feel confident and motivate themselves in later life. A child who feels constantly blamed, judged and criticized is very likely to become an adult with a negative self-concept. The authoritative parenting style adopted by the western parents can prevent this from happening. The parents give huge support and reasonable control, which means a lot of freedom and at the same time suitable constraints to their children. This proper communication helps to frame correct values of the children when they grow up, which is something Chinese parents cannot fulfill.

To conclude, even though both parenting styles can work well with the right children, western parents know how to communicate better with their children, which facilitates the shaping of the children’s future. Therefore the motion today must not stand. Thank you.

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