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The Abandoned Mansion Essay Sample

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The Abandoned Mansion Essay Sample

After my high school graduation, I went on a road trip with my group of friends. As we passed by what seemed to be a beautiful but mysterious mansion, one of my friend said “Hey, I dared someone to go in there by themselves!” I was often called the “chicken” one in the group, so then I decided to give it a try. Proving to all my friends that I’m capable of taking risks and being brave, I yelled out “Hey Christina, stop the car!” As the car suddenly stops, my heart started pounding faster as I looked passed the abandoned mansion.

The night was dark and there was only one street light close by, enough to see a huge ancient mansion. There were vines entwining all around the carvings. As I stepped closer to the entrance, the lawn of dead leaves lying scattered on the floors, some blown by the wind, as if they are trying to prevent me from entering. And then I went alone, looking back at the parked car, I felt like running back to my friends but they would laugh at me for being a “chicken”.

I opened loud gate as if I have awakened the dead. I walked over a carved stone, using my cell phone light, I scanned the words slowly and frightened. “A massacred of the Walker family on a single night, Mr. Walker, Mrs. Walker, a pair of twins, and an infant boy.” From that moment, my heart almost dropped out of my body but my pride was placed above my fear. I told myself “I could not go back until I enter that mansion”.

Holding on to myself, I made my way through the corridors full of cobwebs and dust. Everything was looks so creepy like a real scary movie and I was the poor main character. Although the mansion was sturdy, there will always be a creaking sound whenever I land a step on the tiles. And when I’ve reached the end of the corridor and stopped moving, I would always hear an extra step. By then, I started to panic when I see the deep red carpet. There were drawings on the walls, depicting five figures. And they were drawn in blood. Just then, I heard an echoed sound, a cry of a baby. I ran, as fast as I could. I passed by a painting I have never seen before on my way here. It was a painting of two little girls in a red dress looking at the reflections in a mirror. There was laughter. Not the usual happy one, but one which carried eeriness in it. Following the sound, I raised my head for the attic. Their identical and dreadful faces appeared in my head as I continued to run.

Another sound of a knife brushing against the tiles and red drops rained through a huge crack on the ceilings. I slipped over a pool of blood belonged next to a paled woman. I forced myself up ignoring my aching body. Suddenly, a cold hand from the woman reached out and grabbed my foot. I screamed and pulled my foot away and quickly ran. Finally, I saw the mansion gate ahead but I was too exhausted, frightened and yet I could hear the sound of the grand piano not too far from me. A melody duet played by the images of the twins along with rest of the Walker family. I fainted.

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