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Forced type concrete mixersis also named JS concrete mixer, widely used in building materials, road, bridge, railway and water conservancy industry and many other industries. Now in the market, traditional JZC, JZM and new JS is more common. Thanks to technology research of the whole industry, these equipment can have these many varieties. As technology innovation, we believe that more new equipment will emerge in the future and will be gradually replaced, this is the trend of mechanical industry. Due to cover an relatively small area, this machine is suitable for many working environment, this is why many clients directly to pull down the machine directly into use. Take JS500 concrete mixer as an example, churn are equipped with two root of level configuration mixing oil, each root all equipped with mixing blade. Near the churn on both ends of the stirring arm were equipped with side blade, it can scrape off the face of the concrete, and change the flow of concrete.

Blade and village plate gap 5 mm or less. Stirring shaft and churn ends in association with special seal device, to ensure the sealing quality. In a lubrication point ,it is equipped with grease fitting so that it can be convenient to supply oil for the sealing device of shaft end. Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is under the exploration to decide what kind of equipment should be developed in the market step by step. When the market need to use the machine of simple and compact structure, convenient operation, then we will produce this kind of equipment, DASWELL company adheres to the customer and the market as the guidance, keeps track of the law of development of latest trends of the market, and actively introduce new technology of construction machinery equipment. To make enterprise’s technical achievements become the development advantage. We have formed a business development model of “exploration, thinking, research and development, input”, so that at the very least, the whole domestic market can have outstanding performance, we believe that adhering to the dream wings will lead the market in the future.

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