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There are many advantages to computers as it allows you to connect to the World Wide Web. It has affected everyone in this day and age as it allows you to do so many things such as connects to people around the world. People use computers to perform different tasks quickly and easily. It is very time efficient as you can email someone and they can receive it straight away but with a letter it would not only take couple of days to be received it would also cost. Many use computers to keep records and all the public services use a computer as it is a very important part of society in this era. It comes in handy as you can check on your bank and manage your financial status through online banking. Computers make things a lot easier from communicating to writing out your work. It is a great piece of equipment for education as it is easy to access material on the internet which can help you gain skills and help you learn new things.

Moreover the computer is being used in every field and one key field is the public service where all uniformed services use a computer throughout the day to keep control of data and keep our society safe. Not only does computers have advantages it also has disadvantages as it can be hacked into meaning people who are not supposed to be accessing the computer will be able to go through private stuff such as files, photos and passwords. This causes problems as user’s safeness can be at risk at any time. It has many health risks as it can result in injuries or disorders of hands, wrists, elbows, eyes, neck and back if you do use it for too long or use it improper. Computers have a major impact on the environment as causes a lot of pollution due to the way it is manufactured but there is also a solution to that which is green computers as this reduces the use of electricity and environmental use whilst using a computer. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are very similar to the job a computer does as it allows you to connect with people not only through the hone but also through the internet. Mobile phones have improved a lot since it was first introduced and now nearly everyone owns a mobile phone. It keeps you connected with friends, family and co-workers. This is very good in case of an emergency you can quickly contact someone for help and keeps you safe. A mobile phone is packed with so much technology such as a music player, digital camera and even a GPS. There are also disadvantages with this as it stops people socialising in real life. Many people do get addicted to their mobile phones and forget how to connect with the real world because they’re too busy peeling away at their screens. Many people are so used to phones they ignore face to face conversation for virtual ones which is a real disadvantage as it slows people down in the real world.

Same as a computer it can be hacked as many leave all their personal information on one handy device as it is extremely convenient but also leaves a risk as someone might take their phone and suddenly all your things are exposed without your recognition. It can also lead to serious injuries as many people forget what they’re doing whilst on their mobiles phones such as crossing the road whilst being on their phone they might not see what’s coming to them and also whilst driving! Many addicted phone users can cause a lot of harm whilst using their phone when driving as this puts not only themselves in danger but also the public. Fax Machine

A fax machine is a very old piece of equipment but has many advantages as it is relevantly fast as a hard copy is received by the recipient moments after the fax is sent. A fax machine is tamper proof which gives it maximum security especially for legal documents which cannot be altered electronically. Also a confirmation can be requested which shows that the fax was delivered successfully. But with the advantages come the disadvantages such as privacy. Fax machines are normally placed in a shared office and the delivery receipt confirms it has arrived successfully but the risk this causes is anyone could’ve picked it up. The quality of fax machines makes it difficult for people to understand the faxed documents. Also the fax machine has to be on or working to receive a fax.

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