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The Advantages of Small Colleges Essay Sample

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The Advantages of Small Colleges Essay Sample

Small colleges have several advantages. First of all, small colleges have small class sizes. Unlike some large colleges where you can find more than 40 students in one class, small colleges only have around 10-15 students in one class. Where I attend now, I have 14 classmates. I am able to have deeper discussions with my classmates and teacher. There is a real connection with a smaller class, especially when you have to do group assignment. As the classes are small, all the students can know each other well and even become friends. Students also can have a friendly atmosphere and feel comfortable in colleges as like as their home. In addition, small colleges have the low teacher-to-student ratio. For example, your teachers get to know your names, strengths and weaknesses.

They are available all the time to help every student because the student body in class is small in number. Also, the teachers can help you tailor your courses to your interests. Not only they can help you in school, they might be the key to your opportunities outside of school. This can have interactions between teachers and students. Moreover, small colleges are typically easy to navigate. At small colleges, there are fewer buildings and the buildings are closer in distance. Students can change classes easily and save their time. It is nearly impossible to get lost in the campus. To conclude, small colleges have small class sizes, low teacher-to-student ratio and typically easy to navigate.

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