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Introduction of TOPIC

“The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become.” –Ronald Reagan. The American dream, though just a phrase, signifies freedom for every man; the freedom to make their dreams a reality.

In the 17th century thousands of colonists from England came to the Americas seeking religious and political freedom. At that time the government in England was a Monarchy ruled by King George I and after him his son, King George II. There was wide spread unemployment in England at that time. Tenant farmers were no longer needed on the large estates as land owners were switching from growing crops to raising sheep, which did not require as many laborers. This left many families homeless and traveling around the countryside looking for work.

“The American dream was born out of the colonists who first came to what we now know as America, they wanted to be free from the English Kings. Something in them wanted to come here to find a new home/their own land.” -Sandy Trump. Learning of the promise of land and opportunity, the colonists sought a new start in the Americas. These colonists sacrificed everything when they left England to sail to the Americas. When they arrived, they would be stepping into unfamiliar territory with no guarantees and no certainties. The sacrifices were great but worthwhile, to have the freedom to do as they pleased. They sacrificed everything because there was new land to farm, livestock to raise, and a chance to establish a new living. The American dream was created an

d founded by the colonists. It began with the bravery and independence needed to leave the land they

knew and travel across the sea to create a new life and live in freedom. Throughout our history the American dream grew with the help of extraordinary men such as our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

“To many today the American dream is becoming rich and successful. Young people think everyone should be rich or at least equal. They don’t realize that America gives everyone an equal opportunity but not an equal outcome.” –Mark Trump. Young people today hear of The American dream and think of money, a big house, nice things, and having a good paying job. They don’t think of the struggles and hard times that our founding fathers had to push through to make America what it is today. For example, through the Revolutionary war they went through the process of making America free, so we could govern ourselves without being taxed by England. In the civil war Americans established freedom for all men. They also do not think of the people who fought and died for this country from the Revolutionary War, WW I and II, Vietnam, and today the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, to help make this country safer. Young people think that the government should provide for us and that everyone should have an equal outcome. We lack a desire to work hard to attain the American dream. We believe the American dream should be provided for all.

“Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” –Ronald Reagan. One of the obstacles to the modern day American dream is the government. The Federal government is attempting to control many things that it was never mandated to control, such as healthcare and education. Healthcare is a personal thing, and the government has no right to be involved except, maybe, in cases of extreme hardship. Likewise, education should not be controlled by the Federal government. Throughout America’s history education was controlled by Local/State governments. Teachers would decide what they wanted their students to know, but now the government is telling teachers what to teach and what the results should be. The government has grown well beyond the bounds of what the founders intended.

The American dream is the potential that will stay with American citizens forever. It stands for freedom and the ability to do as you please within the law. To live where you want and to do the things you love, and to have the opportunity that was intended for you. That is the true meaning of the American dream.

* 1st Ronald Reagan Quote: Speech to The Creative Society (1968) * 2nd Ronald Reagan Quote: Inaugural Address (1981)

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