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Goa is India’s smallest State, with 1,429 square miles, with a population of 1.5 million. Goa’s landscapes are remarkably varied, ranging from thickly forested western Ghats mountain range in its interior border through lush river valleys to the beaches of its roughly 75 mile long coast, this is what makes it a popular tourist destination.

The most popular way to travel long-haul is by plane, the cost for a flight for one individual to travel one way to Goa on an Economy flight is £299, from Heathrow to Goa’s airport, with Jet Airways it is roughly 19 hrs 40 mins. However a return the next day would be,£476, this price will differ depending on how many nights until the return flight. These direct flights to Goa have one stop in Delhi, before reaching Goa. There are many ways to travel on the plane as there is, Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class, which all depends on the price that the customer is willing to pay, as this will affect the cost of the flight. Attractions

There are many attractions that can be visited whilst in Goa, such as Dudhsagar Falls, they are Goa’s most impressive waterfalls and is the second highest in India. There is also Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 240 sq km, this is the largest of Goa’s four protected wildlife areas. There is also the Maruti Temple, small, pastel- coloured and was built in the 1840s at a site where the monkey god Hanuman was covertly worshipped. There is also, Hilltop, which is known to host concerts, parties and occasionally international DJ’s. There is also Jazz Inn, which is a restaurant that serves food, strong drinks and plays jazz music on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Destination Facilities
Reservation Hall, is the train station, commonly known as madgaon train station, which serves both Konkan railway and local south central railway routes. Paulo travels, is a reliable private bus operator, which covers long-distance as well as operating on a number of different services. Accommodation, The Tree House Blue, with guestrooms that are furnished with a private balcony, a flat-screen satellite TV and a dining area. With amazing facilities such as free Wi-Fi, children’s playground, breakfast in the room, games room, bicycle. The price is from £25 per night, this will change depending on how many nights, rooms and people there are. Upper House, is a Goan seafood restaurant, where their fish is caught locally, they have many local dishes that are prepared, such as crab xec xec. Climate

The average daytime temperature in Goa is about 25°- 30°, it has little if not any rainfall from December to April, from then on it rains roughly 3 days in May, 24 days in June, 28 days in July, 27 days in August, 14 days in September, 6 days in October and 3 days in November. So there is sun for 5 months which is a positive, the negative is there is 7 months of rain. There is no snow in Goa; they rarely have extreme weather, except for a little flooding. Types of Visitors

The type of visitors to travel to Goa would be couples, as Goa has many romantic areas, perfect for young or old couples. However, Goa also has children orientated areas, which is great for children. It would also be good for educational purposes, as there are many colleges, courses, resources and people are able to study abroad.

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