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The Arizona law was proposed and signed by the Governor of Arizona Jane Brewer in April of 2010. Its aim is to identify, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants: it stipulates that every immigrant must carry immigration documents to guarantee that they are staying in the country legally, gives the police the power to ask for this documents to anyone they think could be in Arizona without authorization and allows people to sue local government or agencies if they believe federal or state immigration law is not being enforced, among other rules (Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration, By Randal C. Archibold. April 23, 2010. The New York Times. There are some aspects with which could reaffirm the fact that this law is attempting on the rights of the immigrant population, which is more than one million out of 310 million of citizens (U.S. Census Bureau Announces 2010 Census Population Counts.

First, we have the use of racial profiling by the police to identify possible suspects, which happens to be forbidden by the US Constitution because this method considers physical characteristics, language that the person speaks, social status and others in order to achieve its purpose. Then, it could be thought that this classification of the citizens is offensive and similar to the classification of the animals or the Jewish during the Nazi Germany and also s against these citizens’ rights, such as the equality of the population. Secondly, there is the fact that the time that the police spent watching or searching for illegal immigrants could be used for some problem of higher importance, for example the security of the citizens: drugs selling, rapes, robbery and others.

Finally, the third aspect is related to economy, it has to be considered that the quantity of immigrants has increased in the last years, and they usually immigrate to the US looking for better qualities of work, which means that they make up 16% (U.S. decennial census data, Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, 2010.

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