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The Assessment Process Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


The helping process is a way for human service professionals to help those in need. During the helping process a human service professional is to give their support to clients and to help the client achieve their goals, and with the help of the human service professional they can help the client to develop and grow more effectively in their lives.

The Assessment Process Assessment is an ongoing process that happens within all client contracts to help gain and understand the strengths and needs of the client and the whole family. When using assessment it is to gather the required information that will match the client with suitable services. During the assessment process, the human service helper establishes who the client is, this is when a working relationship is formed and this is also when all required intake forms are filled out such as: Insurance Information, Outlining the purpose and services of the agency, Assurances of Confidentiality, Obtaining information releases (McClam & Woodside, 2012). In the helping phase next is the planning process, it helps to establish services. This is when individuals are accepted into the agency for services and they have met the eligibility criteria and is now a client of the agency (McClam & Woodside, 2012). The planning process this is when the human service helper and the client focuses on developing a service plan and service delivery.

During the planning process, helps to give the helper an understanding of what services might be needed. The next process is the implementation process, which is when the service plan is carried out and evaluated. This process happens when the helper provides services and is assessing the quality of services. The helper oversees who is

providing services, how to monitor implementation, how to work with other professionals and how to

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evaluate the services. During the helping process, the helper is required to do a case review, write reports, and documentation of all cases. Case review can occur during the weekly meetings between the helper and client and between the helper and the supervisor. Case reviews are common during an assessment, and case reviews are a part of the organization and it helps to ensure effective service delivery to clients.

Written reports are a way for the helper to keep track of the services the client receives, and written reports tracks information such as: assessments, planning, and implementation, evaluation and the termination of the case (McClam & Woodside, 2012). Documentation is always used, because it documents the services of the agency, length of programs, and provides. The helper’s responsibility is to document all information accurately and in a timely manner. During the helping process the client’s participation is also important, because the helper establishes the client’s goals, purpose, and roles (McClam & Woodside, 2013). Strength-based-approaches are used in each helping process. In the assessment process, the strength-based approach is focused on the positive characteristics, abilities, and the experiences of the client. The strength-based approach in the assessment process, is to gather information about the client’s needs and explore resources. The helper is more focused on how to help the client to be more successful (McClam & Woodside, 2012).

In the planning process, the strength-based approach is to understand the strength of the client for a more positive planning. The client-helper relationship gets stronger for a positive helping process (McClam & Woodside, 2012). Part of the strength-based approach in the planning process, the client’s participation is based on a short/long term goals that is well matched with the client’s values and strengths (McClam & Woodside, 2012). In the implementation process, the strength-based approach is surrounded by the client’s strengths. The helper attention is to the client in which the helper emphasizes the values of self-determination and responsibilities of the client. Ethical considerations is the code of ethics that is very important in the helping process. Ethical consideration illustrates the client’s right to self-determination, to do harm, promote fairness and equal access to service, be responsible to clients, and be honest. Ethical considerations which is govern by the codes of ethics, which is a guideline for practice. The helper is to keep clients information confidential.

Conclusion The helping process is very important, it is to help clients in setting goals and being successful in life. The helper is to provide the client with the necessary resources, while keeping the client information confidential at all times in the helping process.


McClam, T., & Woodside, M. (2012). The Helping Process: Assessment to Termination. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

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