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The Awesome Fate of Mr. Wolf Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Once upon a time I lived in an enormous, beautiful forest full of animals. Although I lived in a place where many others of my kind also lived, I was a very lonely wolf. I managed to build my own house and hunt my own prey, and I was one of the strongest animals in my forest. One day, I went to explore further lands and discover new places where I could get food. So I ran and ran as fast as a plane. I ran so fast I had to stop because I was so tired. I rested in front of the darkest lake I’d ever seen. I sat nearby the edge for a moment so that I could observe the beauty of the new place, when suddenly I noticed three houses and thought to myself:

“I wonder if I have found what I came looking for.”

As I approached, I was being led by the houses’ wonderful smell. Rapidly I noticed that the houses were made out of odd materials. The first house was all constructed with chocolate, the second one was made out of candy, and the third one was made out of knives. I was so incredibly curious that I went closer and knocked on the door of the first house, loudly screaming:

“Please, let me come in!”

Surprised, a little pig answered:

“No, there is no way I’m letting you come in! La-la-la-la-la-la!”

Angrily I answered to that:

“Then I will eat all of this chocolate to get in.”

So I ran to t

he corner and took a big bite out of the chocolate house. That collapsed it, so I ran inside and ate

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up the little pig.

Unsatisfied, I went to the next house which was made out of candy, and knocked on the door screaming:

“Please, let me come in!”

Another little pig nervously answered:

“No, there is no way I’m letting you in! M-m-m-m-m-m-m!”

“Then I will eat all of this candy to get in.”

I ate all of the candy and ate up the little pig. Then I saw the third house and ran and ran as fast as a plane, loudly screaming:

“Please, let me come in!”

“No, there is no way I’m letting you in! Na-na-na-na-na-na!

I did not know what to do to get in so I stepped back and realized how dangerous it would be for me to destroy that house. Impulsively, I decided to take the little pig outside so I said to him:

“Little pig, I know where there is a nice field of delicious strawberries.”

“Where is it?” The little pig nervously asked.

“Fat west; by the woods I live in. I shall take you there if you will let me in.”

“I think most certainly not.”

“But little pig, you won’t let me in. I just wanted company.”

The pig screamed at me telling me to go away. On the next day I went back to the little pig’s house and knocked on the door screaming:

“Little pig, little pig! Let me come in!”

“No, there’s no way I am letting you in Mr. Wolf!”

I was so hungry and angry I went back to the lake and thought for a moment. Then, suddenly I had an amazing idea. I decided to go down the chimney after the little pig. So I ran and ran, as fast as a plane. By the time I got there I was already furiously screaming:

“Little pig, I’ve decided to come after you one way or another. I am coming down your chimney, little pig! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The little pig was so frightened he almost did not react for a moment. So he thought very fast and went to his chimney to light the fire. When I came down the chimney I burnt in the fire and the little pig caught me by the leg and then I realized that the little pig was not quite so little. The little pig was huge! He was bigger than me so I ran away and never came back. Well, the big pig now lives peacefully ever after, and so do I.

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