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The Axis of Evil vs. Evil Empire Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The phrases “Evil Empire” by Ronald Reagan, and “Axis of Evil” by George w. Bush where phrases used by both presidents to point targets that were dangerous or a threat to the world; such as the soviet union or Iran developing nuclear weapons among with Iraq and north Korea. Both of these speeches were pointing out the “bad guys of the world” as in intending to keep the peace, but it was also a way that the United States Military forces could take action and start a conflict against the “bad guys”. In 1983 Ronald Reagan predicted the end of the Soviet Union, and he describes the socialist state as “the focus of evil in the modern world” because of its military capabilities. The Soviet Union was under great difficulties in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Bloated military budget, social problems, and economic stagnation where the main issues among others. In January 29 2002 President George W. Bush gave the term “axis of evil” to the countries of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. These countries were portrayed by George W. Bush during the State of the Union as possessing nuclear weapons; the axis of evil was condemned as a totalitarian regime who was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

Bush lambasted these countries for denying their people’s freedom, rejecting international inspections, and cultivating nerve gas and anthrax. The two speeches have similar ideas despite the different eras, both of them speak about countries or organizations that are considered potential treats, they make them look like evil forces with potential destruction forces upon the people of the Unit

ed States and the world. In Ronald Reagan the speech is trying to come to a peacefully understanding

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with the communists, and in George W. Bush speech provides more evidence against the enemies and declares that the war against terror is just getting started. Both of the speeches “excuse” the United States Military to take immediate actions against those evil forces.

Some differences could be the external factors. In the cold war the was the tension betweem the communist world and the United States, the Soviet Union wanted to live in a world in where the U.S were defeated and both countries were in a “race” to develop weapons and technology. Meanwhile in the war against terror the conflict was created because of countries possessing so much weapons and artillery including nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. The Cold War was a stand-off between the United States and Russia. At this time, America really felt threatened; no one knew whether they’d wake up the next morning perfectly fine, or watching the sky as an atom-bomb fell from a Russian plane. The Soviet Union wanted to defeat the United States, but the Soviet Union was also in great difficulties at the time. America was in great financial stress as the World War had just ended.

The war on terrorism is the actual war against terrorists groups that started murdering people on 2001 September, 11. It was a similar scenario to the cold war, people didn’t know if they’ll board a plane and arrive at their destination safe and sane, or jump in a plane that is being hijacked and crashed into say, the White House. People are in a panic here as well, not to mention there is a widespread hate for Muslims because of their wrongly placed association with terrorists, as Russian citizens were once associated with Communist spies. The United States was also in great financial stress.

The Cold war and the war on Terror are very similar; the conflicts reveal that when the United States is in economic trouble it develops a need for having a psychological enemy. Given the fact that the United States Military is known as the most advanced of the world, and how the U.S can produce so much profit out of a war because of advanced military technology and war materials. Just like in World War II, that the U.S was the only country to make a profit out of it. It could be said that the United States develops these conflicts to get out of an economic depression. Both of these conflicts terrorize citizens into gradually deteriorate their civil liberties. These conflicts were excuses for unilateral invasions.

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