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The Azande ​
traditionally served as an effective means of social control. What are the major institutions and beliefs in your own culture that function similarly? There are several institutions at play in modern day American culture functioning similarly to the witchcraft among the Azande people. For instance, within my culture, the Government dictates who punished when confronted with a crime. While The Azande place the blame on witchcraft. Both use justice in a sense to place blame for an unfortunate happening, whether it be decided by an oracle, or common law.

Whether it be a judge or an oracle, a sentencing verdict is decided in both cultures. The ways of American law may be seen as more civilized, and the Azande may seem taboo. The methods of the poison oracles, which included the envenoming of animals to observe their deaths and make assessments, is vaguely similar to the tests done on rodents, and other animals in research labs. Both of which can and have been labeled unorthodox in the past. It’s said in The Azande culture that witches may have caused harm unintentionally, and that sorcerers do so intentionally.Also, related in our society is the psychopath. Some believe that you are both with an instinct to kill without self­control, while others believe that you are strictly evil.

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