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In the essay “The Barrio,” by Robert Ramirez describes the essences of Latino neighborhood. Ramirez believes that Latinos see their neighborhoods as their own home, a place to rest from the shaken living style of the United States. Ramirez states “Members of the barrio describe the entire area as their home. It is a home, but it is more than this. The barrio is a refuge from the harshness and the coldness of the Anglo world. It is a forced refuge.” But Ramirez admits the reason that he will never see himself in the barrio for many inconveniences for example, poverty and hunger. They are disadvantages that Latinos neighborhoods suffer with intensity. 15 minutes

I grew up in Lima, the capital of Peru; reunite its populaces from the North, South, East, and Central part of its territory. From the jungle and mountain sides also immigrate to Lima, the City of the Kings was named once with this title by the first conquers from the old world because they were impressed for its beautiful location and climate. We can find a diversity of social status, races, customs, and culinary arts as well. Twenty years ago, the streets were not pavements and the parks were as deserts with an exception of few trees. The shortage of the vital liquid to survive was a big dilemma for 8 millions of residents. We didn’t have enough water. The unemployment reached its biggest numbers and affected to the most of the residents, but not to the most richest and politicians. In spite of these inconveniences that most of the limeños, residents of Lima, had had in the last 20 years.

We are proud of this cosmopolitan city. Its variety of culture and food are a few factors that many tourists fall in love with this city. It had been my home for twenty years; of course I feel that I belong to that city. It is a shame that for many reason I had to leave the city where I grew up. I can go visit many times if I want to, but it never will be the same because I adopt San Francisco as my hometown now. Nowadays, Lima has changed in many aspects. International investment has targeted this fast-growing city for doing business. For example, most of its residents can afford to have home phone and cell phones too. They have built many supermarkets for the middle-class family in every single district. We have 24-hour water service in most of all districts. Lima is a peaceful city that I will always keep in my mind and heart.

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