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In 1992, Peter Beckwith set up the Beckwith scholarship in Harrow. When Peter was young, this English man was attributed a Middlesex Scholarship in this same school. Thanks to this scholarship that offered him many opportunities in life and he became a very rich man. He ran his own business and sold this success for 500 million pounds. From then, he decided to use the money from the sell to become a benefactor in Harrow in order to give a chance to boys aged between 11 and 13 whose parents can’t afford a 30 000 pounds tuition a year, to benefit from a high level education. Peter Beckwith scholars come from very different backgrounds. The best profiles required by a Peter Beckwith candidate are intelligence, maturity, confidence, ambition and on top of that, they have to show a high level of interest in sport, music, drama, art or any activity that would make them stand out from the other boys.

Every year, twelve boys are selected to participate in the Beckwith scholarship competition. This competition consists of seven tests: mathematics, capability of debating, IQ test, English, music, sports and finally an interview with the head master. It is a tough competition and two boys out of twelve are chosen by the head master. At last the two winners need to be approved by Peter Beckwith. These two boys are under a big pressure to make Peter proud of them and not deceive him. At the end of the year, a meeting is held in Peter Beckwith’s house with all the Peter Beckwith scholars where every boy thanks in a speech Peter for paying his school fees. The boys are really thankful to this man who give them access to many opportunities in life. Since 1992, Peter Beckwith has already sponsored 37 scholars.

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