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The Beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Sample

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The Beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Sample

This essay is about characters who shows courage Atticus Finch because he took the responsibility of Defending Tom Andrew Rego essay 1 In The Beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout has uncontrollable anger that whenever someone insults her or someone that she’s friends with or associated with etc, she wants to beat the crap out of them , or prove them wrong in the beginning she’s not nice to Walter Cunningham either when the teacher offered him some money for lunch she said no he’s a cunningham being all snotty and she later on during recess was tackling him to the ground and rubbing his nose in the dirt. Here’s a passage to show how scout started off as a hot tempered little girl .

“Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop. you’re bigger than he is,’’ he said he said he’s as old as you,’’ nearly I said she made me start off on the wrong foot let him go, Scout why?’’ he didn’t have any lunch I said and explained my involvement in Walters dietary affairs(Lee 25)” Scout wasn’t just not nice to Walter Cunningham it was also Calpurnia that she was not nice to she would always try and get her fired or get back at her in some way right after Scout was criticizing Walter for drowning his food in molasses and syrup and was finished with dinner Scout told Calpurnia to just wait and that she’d fix her one of these days when she wasn’t looking I\’d go up and run myself and Barker’s Eddy and then she’d be sorry besides “she added she’d already gotten me in trouble once today she had taught me to write and it was all her fault. “Calpurnia said “(hush you fussin)”(Lee 26).

Scout Started out not so great but through the book she gets a lot better and knows how to handle things a lot more efficiently and professionally. She also matured when she started hanging out with her older brother Jem and that kind of forced her to mature a little more. She had to mature emotionally and she also had to act as if she was four years older because that’s how much older her brother was then her, that wasn’t the only thing that made her have to mature more, another thing was Atticus said to her is if she ever caught her fighting or heard of her fighting again he would wear her out. A little later into the book some people called her dad a nigger lover for defending Tom Robinson. Instead of punching those people in the face, she went and talked to Atticus instead and this is a big thing to occur with scout because at the beginning she would of never dreamed of talking any of this over with anyone.

Scout Also matures and learns to be more respectful to her aunt Alexandra, she also learns to accept the fact that she is a girl she starts wearing the dresses that Aunt Alexandra wants her to wear and she also acts more ladylike Further into the story, Scout learns that everything does not always end up the way it should. She also learns that her father can’t fix everything in the trial So she is forced to mature in another way.

Scout hasn’t fully matured but she’s matured a little pretty good amount through reading the novel she Now has more common sense and as I said before she doesn’t want to beat the people up who criticize her or make fun of her dad or brother she may want to but she holds back now.Scout also comes to the conclusion of learning that Boo Radley really isn’t a monster that people say is he’s actually a really nice person. Like when Jem Scout and that other kid went over to Boo’s house in the middle of the night and Jem got his pants caught on Boo’s fence Boo sewed pants back together and folded them up nicely on his fence and another time when boo saved Jem and Scout in the woods from that and that boo is actually A lot nicer than most people realize.

Scout has a different mindset of thinking now Scout doesn’t have her vicious of a temper and she isn\’t as quick to become angry. Now her and her aunt get along a lot better and Atticus doesn’t constantly have to tell her what not to do she now doesn’t have as many consequences pulled down on her and she is a lot happier of a kid . she showed another act of grown up Aunt Alexandra’s dinner party. Scout forgot how much she disliked dresses and joined the group of people in a conversation.

In conclusion scout did get a lot better and has a more enjoyable personality to be around. She now does not have a hot temper that is quick to burst in anger. Scout has come a long way in the book and she accepts that she is a girl and not a tom boy. Now she gets along with her maid Calpurnia and her aunt alexandra. These changes that scout went through are just like any other kid would go through but it was a little more challenging for her but this shows everything is possible.

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