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The Benefits of Dog Ownership Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Finding happiness is considered by many to be the purpose of Dog. As a social species, it is easiest for humans to find happiness in the company of others – in friendships and love. These relationships are not limited to just people, however, and include the fuzzy companions we call pets as well. Dogs have been named man’s best friend for good reason and have brought joy to the lives of many. Owning a dog leads to a happier life because it improves the owner’s mood, teaches responsibility and promotes physical and outdoor activity.

Being in the company of a dog betters the owner’s mood and makes them feel calmer. Petting a dog increases the brain’s level of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that make a person feel good or happy. This response is similar to that of a mother looking at her child. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in reward-motivated behaviour. When a person accomplishes a goal, or is proud of a project they have completed, the feeling of satisfaction they experience is caused by an increased amount of dopamine in the brain. Meanwhile, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays various roles in the body. An increased level of serotonin leads to a better mood, appetite and sleep schedule and has also been proven to improve memory and learning.

Additionally, it has been shown that being in the company of a dog makes the owner feel calmer. Knowing there is another being by their side, loyal and loving, sets the mind at ease. Its fellowship unconditional and ears always ready to listen to the unloading of a heavy heart. The calming com

pany of a dog lowers blood pressure and the risk for a myriad of different illnesses. Having a clear

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and calm mind allows the owner to find more success in their other work, as well, and they will find no shortage of time to spend with their pet considering the amount of care-taking a dog requires.

Though owning a dog is a lot of work, this can also be seen as beneficial because it teaches responsibility that can be applied to other aspects of life as well. Dogs must be fed, cleaned up after, combed, played with and walked. Performing these tasks creates a routine schedule which is necessary for an organized and consistent lifestyle. Being responsible and following a schedule also leads to a successful career because it makes missing an important due-date or deadline unlikely. Alternatively, the lessons learnt from pet ownership can be considered as preparation for parenthood as the responsibility required for both is immense. And, if already a parent, dogs teach children the skills necessary to succeed in adulthood. In this sense dogs are very good teachers. Their teachings, however, are not limited to just the mind but extend to the body.

Owning a dog promotes physical fitness and encourages owners to go outside more often. Dogs are very energetic animals and require daily exercise, whether that be through walking or playing with them. In the process of exercising their dog, the owner is exercising themselves which reduces stress, eases anxiety and boosts confidence. Also, staying physically fit is another cause of increased dopamine production in the body. Though, what is most important is that owning a dog encourages routine and daily exercise, which is much better than exercising only a few times a week. Another secondary benefit of playing with or walking a dog is that it forces owners to get out of the house and go outside, increasing time spent under the sun and the production of vitamin D by the skin.

Getting the necessary amount of vitamin D is crucial for the body because it helps fight disease and fights depression by improving mood. A lack of enough vitamin D leads to unhappiness and tiredness. Getting enough exercise is one of the most important requirements for a happy life and owning a dog is great motivation to get out and get fit. Dog ownership is one of the best ways to find happiness for those in pursuit of it. Dogs improve the mood of those around them, teach responsibility and provide motivation for getting more physical activity. They give companionship and love while encouraging self-improvement. As social creatures, there is no better way for humans to find contentment in their lives than in the company and comfort of other living things.

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