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”The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe Essay Sample

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”The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe Essay Sample

Satisfied with his surroundings, and his family, Edgar Allen Poe, strived for more. With a desire for animals, and a particular desire for a black cat, Pluto, he pursued the endeavor. Poe, began to develop feelings of love and hate, and could not maintain either of the two. Poe must control his drunken encounters, when confronting his loved ones or things may take a challenging turn of events.

Poe had everything he could need and want, a caring wife, and now a cat that fulfilled the companionship he so deeply desired. Just like his wife, he is what you would consider an animal lover. Having grown up around animals, it was inevitable to encounter such a close friendship as an adult with this pet. Convinced this cat was everything he needed to replace the loneliness he felt before; things were finally starting to turn up. Poe, devoted most of his time and efforts to this cat, and vice versa and stated in the story: “Pluto – this was the cat’s name – was my favorite pet and playmate. I alone fed him, and he attended me wherever I went about the house. It was even with difficulty that I could prevent him from following me through the streets (Page 2.)” Basically attached at the hip, the bond seemed almost unstoppable; however things may begin to take a strange and terrifying turn of events.

After years of such a wonderful connection between the two beings, Poe, began to realize he was battling with his own emotions. With the love that he had for this animal, he developed a sense of hatred that he could not seem to satisfy. He would burst into drunken rages after the animal, in hopes it would flee. These rages caused the animal to rebel against his companion, which only cause my hatred for the soul. Fully acknowledging his actions and force to this cat, he attacked it. After damaging the animals eye socket, he felt a sense of remorse and guilt once his system began to cleanse. For days ignoring the incident and trying to forget, he was only driven madder. Poe had eventually hung Pluto outside by a noose. Driven by insanity, and pure desire of sin, he felt content with the matter. Acceptance finally sunk in, along with guilt and confusion. The details and events based around the demented actions upon Poe’s cat, are based around tragic events he has truly encountered in his real life. These contradicting feelings and rages that Poe has, and will continue to encounter will bring upon a haunting of the sins he has committed. In hopes to remove this guilt that follows him, he takes in a very similar cat as Pluto.

This cat has the same actions and bond with Poe, which seems to only irritate him. Following him everywhere he goes, doing everything he does, and hoping to connect with Poe, as though to make matters worse in his eyes. In attempts to follow his side, and stand by Poe, this cat seems to step directly in his way. Bursting with anger, Poe, releases his energy in attempt to remove the cat’s life abruptly. His wife, in hopes of saving the innocent soul of the animal, only puts herself in danger. Poe without thinking had attacked his wife, and murdered her. Poe, feels no immediate remorse, only the need to disguise the evidence, as stated, “This hideous murder accomplished, I set myself forthwith, and with entire deliberation, to the task of concealing the body (Page 6.)”

Poe quickly and quietly took into account that his neighbors may discover the happening of his wife’s death. In reality, Poe did not murder his wife however; the events and thoughts encountered above were possibly a vision and strange perception he developed in the moment and captured them on paper. After the incident began to settle, and he began to grow content, there was an investigation. Police began to question the event and what he may be hiding. Poe was very calm and discrete with the authorities. Once the police discover there is no evidence, or problems to address, they give their thanks and begin to go about their way. Poe, being arrogant with his accomplishment, and gloating about his way, discovers strange sounds beyond the burial. Knowing the terrifying shrieks that lie just behind him, he erupts with guilt and confession as to what had been committed. Overwhelmed with the idea of never escaping, he gives in. Poe realizes at the end of this story, that he had not harmed anyone truly but himself. The guilt, remorse, love, and hatred all combined into one emotion he just could not control, drove him insane. Turning into an arrogant, cold hearted companion, he betrays the people who are close to him. He is the only one who must live with regret and events that had happened.

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