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Are you an extreme horror movie viewer? Do you love staying in with your mates and watch a gory blood-spattered movie? Do your movie experiences include infamous classics like The Exorcist, the Texas chainsaw massacre and the Omen? If so then you’re reading the most paramount magazine that provides extreme horror reviews. Our magazine Horror Mania aims to give you the best quality in reading reviews you will ever experience. Here at horror mania we put you our readers before anyone else.

As you the readers are the most important people in our magazine reviews. You must have heard about all the hype concerning the Blair witch project which was released 10 years ago in 1997. This film had a large amount of media attention and you the readers must be thinking. What’s all the fuss about?

Well, the fuss is that when this film when this film first came out it was a highly unconventional film, and I think this contributed it in making it such an excellent film. What made it so special was that, the Blair witch project wasn’t just a typical every day horror movie, where there is a ghost which comes along and kills everyone. No this film was made with a normal everyday camera which was bought for $5 and in addition to that it was allegedly a true movie. The film was made like a documentary style, and because of the documentary style I think this why the film was so successful. Which it truly deserved to be. In my opinion this film has to be one of the best horror film. I have ever viewed.

This film as I’ve already mentioned was not a typical horror movie. What made this movie so unconventional was that it was made with an everyday ordinary video camera which was bought for $5. In addition to that the Blair witch project was made for approximately $25,000 which is one of the cheapest movies ever made.

The creators of this extraordinary movie were Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez who were so creative and intelligent in making this fabulous movie. The ideas of the directors were that they gave 3 college students an assignment to make a film documentary on the Blair witch project. They then sent them off to the woods to film themselves following them all the way. In one scene the directors were actually right in front of the cast in their car to see if they were doing everything right. Another fantastic idea of the directors was that they decided to put their friends and family in the movie as props. Also the directors cleverly made the film so realistic that they also made fake news scenes on the DV D and also special interviews with teachers and family.

This made it seem so realistic since it had never been done before, and to add to that you and I don’t want to be watching the same horror film we’ve seen over and over again. Also you the readers will also agree that you don’t need to be a high budget film to be fantastic and this movie proved that.

Putting into account that the cast had to work with no script and everything they did was real. I think the acting was amazing and so realistic. I say this because when the cast experienced their highs and lows, it was all real and this added to its exceptional unconventiality. Also these actors had never experienced being in a movie before and for first their first time, they did absolutely brilliant. There were a few scenes where there was arguments and crying and in this film they were real which is really difficult to do.

The chilling atmosphere is first made up by the area located for filming, which was Burkittsville. This was said to have a curse of The Blair Witch. The cast then go out and interview some local townsfolk; they also go and interview a crazy old lady who says she allegedly saw the Blair witch. This woman in real life was actually working at the college of the 3 actors. They then decide to camp out in the woods and on each night some strange and chilling things happen for example the on the second night they hear children talking. Then on the third night they find slimy liquid all over joshes clothing. Then one day they get lost. The suspense is then built up by one of the members of the cast Joshua Leonard goes missing. The next day they find his tongue in sack. The actors then find a Mystifying looking house in the woods. This house was meant to have been the house in which the serial killer which took place in the 60’s took all the kids from village and killed them. They then find Joshua screaming and when they enter the room Joshua is standing in the corner which was said to be the way the serial killer killed all his victims.

I think the camera work was meant to be like a documentary school project kind of thing and that’s how it looked like. This made the movie seem so realistic. And also if they had used a high quality expensive camera the movie wouldn’t have looked like a documentary.

The only special effects in this movie were the scenes where the witchcraft sticks were hung on the trees, clothes and the tents had been messed around with. Also this movie was meant to be a school documentary so there would be no need for expensive high quality special effects. Another thing which the directors did was that they added the sound effects later things like the children talking outside the tent.

This film has a huge build up to it then has a short explosive ending. The ending uses the viewer’s imagination because the last scene shows the actor Joshua Leonard standing by the wall, and the viewers are left unable to tell what happens to the other characters and also if the Blair Witch was actually there. The directors leave the viewers in resolving the problems and this leaves a huge cliff hanger for the next film to resolve.

I think this movie was absolutely spectacular because it wasn’t a typical horror film. The directors made the film so realistic by creating the extras and also saying it was a true movie. The build up to the film was immense from the interviews down to the mystifying house. As well as that I think that the way the actors performed without any script played a huge part in why I think this movie was so great. I would recommend this movie to all readers who read this magazine as this movie will not disappoint any extreme horror viewer.

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