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The British System Essay Sample

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The British System Essay Sample

The British system is mainly the governmental factors of the British regulatory state practice. They involve several sectors ranging from health, education and the social relations of the people. The British system is mostly structured and directed by the activities of the private sector, mixture of businesses or the public service, quasi market mechanisms and political decision. The American regulatory state has used the British system as a reference for its development since the British system is well detailed and deals with a wide of department of department that can be incorporated in any country.

However the American and the British styles differ in many areas, the first sector that the two differ is based on their formation. The American regulatory state is considered to the democratic setting where the public tend to give mandate and power to an individual who they belief will serve them equally and fairly as compared to the entire candidates that they exist. On the other hand the British regulatory system is set by the people; though the leaders and royalties are elected they are mainly ceremonial. This brings light that the British government tends to be an open type of government without a specific law maker or a countries decision maker. Therefore the difference between the two governments can be felt not only in their respective country but also in other countries. The American system can be implemented easily in other countries which are not developed such as the third world countries; this is different in the case of a British system.

Strengths and weakness of the British system tend to affect the general application of the system. The limitations that may come along with the introduction of the system is the implementation of changes in the governmental setting, the British system structures the government in such a way  that the government is divided into two , the house of commons, and house of lords. This is different from the American system since the system is easy to implement and does not need restructuring the whole governmental system. Other limitations that may exist in imposing the British system is its inflexible nature of lacking globalization and the enhancement it shows to racism and culture.

The British system has several limitations which cause negative effects on agriculture, general laws and order, and even traditions. The system can be improved by providing room for a single individual to be the leader of the state and also setting clear powers that a leader can enjoy. In addition the British can also be improved by shortening the structural process that can be used for third world counties.

The American system is considered the most applicable system to implement since it incorporates the American distinctive regulatory and political traditions. Examples of this are the vision of dynamic, regulatory state and the high sense of equality in the states.

Bottom line the different types of systems have both limitations and strength hence a country has a duty to choose the system it feels best to implement


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