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Personal Mission Statement and Class Adaptations Essay: In the development of my personal mission statement, I took a number of inventories and tests to determine my style of learning. Upon review of the data it becomes obvious that I am a relational learner, and I learn best through a kinesthetic/ visual approach. The information from surveys and my scores from personality tests, were pretty accurate about how I learn as an individual. There weren’t many surprises in my scores, as I already had a basic idea of my personal style from exercises I’d done in elementary school. I strongly agree with the kinesthetic/ visual learning style in the VAK and Multiple Intelligences tests, as it is definitely how I approach things and go about doing them. Being a kinesthetic learner, I like to be able to do things and the visual part of me likes to see what’s being done and then try it myself.

Kinesthetic learners like to be active, but this can be a challenge in some cases because some courses don’t have that opportunity. In order to get the best results in my learning, I’ve had to make some changes and adaptations to fit my needs. In biology for example, there is a lot of reading and work required, and knowing that I need to be doing something and see visuals as I’m doing it, has helped me better understand the subjects being taught and I’m able to manage my time better now . This exercise has helped me gain a better understanding of myself as a student and will help me improve my study habits and do better in my academic career.

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