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The Butterfly Effect Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“The Butterfly Fly Effect is a term used in chaos theory to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition can affect large complex systems.” (Ellis). It is the theory that everything matters. The name comes from the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Africa could affect the weather in Texas. The smallest influence on one part can have a giant effect of another. Unless all of the factors can be accounted for in a system, it remains impossible to predict and be accurate because there are too many unknown variables. The scientific theory is that one single event, no matter how small, can change the enti

re course of the universe forever. “For example, the flap of a butterfly’s wings changed the air

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around it so much that a tornado broke out two continents away.” (“Urban Dictionary: Butterfly”). The smallest step in a person’s life can change their whole life immensely.

Edward Norton Lorenz created “The Butterfly Effect”. He was running a global climate model on his computer, when he ran into a model. “The two weather predictions, one based on the entire process, another on the portion of the data.” (Bradly). He started one partly completed to save time. He expected the models to be identical no matter where they started. When they both completed they were dramatically different. He realized that the tiny unpredictable variation caused the two to differ. “Intrigued by the results, Lorenz began creating a mathematical explanation that would show the sensitive dependence of large, complex systems like the weather.” (Christensen et. Al.)

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