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The catholic social teachings, a collection of written documents that help shape our world into what it is today. These catholic social teachings are a part of history because they played a very important role in shaping our world to what it is today. These documents were written by popes and the church as a solution to maintain peace, order, and equality in our society. They were a call to action to have justice and equality in our society. Through these catholic social teachings, we humans solved many problems that were faced in our society, and even the world. The catholic social teachings have 10 principles. These principles are what the catholic social teachings Were made for, which is to unite us all as sons and daughters of God. Through these principles, the catholic social Teachings had solved many problems in our society. One example of these is Lack of respect For human life or human inequality.

They were present problems during times when There is war or when people were being oppressed like when World War 2 ended and Some countries were still colonized. The church made documents to help solve these Problems so that human equality could be achieved like Mater et Magistra and Octogesima Adveniens. Another example is the strive for peace and justice. They were also present problems that were solved by the catholic social teachings. There are many other problems and concerns that were solved by the catholic social teachings. It is through these teachings that we are called to unite as one and to solve a common problem. The catholic social teachings are not only for the problems of the past. They can also serve as symbols of peace and justice in our society today. This can be seen on the church’s teaching to us on how to love each other as brothers and sisters.

An example of this is the help we give to the poor and needy. These actions are part of the catholic social teaching. Another example is the human rights we have today and the many laws our country have to protect us all from injustice and to protect our environment that we may also be stewards of God’s creations. These laws help maintain equality for us all, that we may all be equal in the eyes of man, and in the eyes of God. Thus, the catholic social teachings play an important role in our world. They will be remembered even through time and will serve as reminders for actions that we humans have done in the past and to teach us and influence us to do good even in the present. These catholic social teachings, will always serve as a source of justice, peace, equality, and respect for human life. And as Christians, we are called to follow these catholic social teachings, and learn to apply them in our world, today.

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