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            The main characters of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare are predominately are educated, and political figures.  Antony, Brutus, Cassius, and Caesar all alike in some ways because of their similar backgrounds, but they also have several differences.

            Cassius and Caesar are the most alike.  The both have a taste for power, and they have a problem with following others.  They have strong personalities and are natural leaders.  Caesar has succeeded in obtaining the loyalty of the Roman people and his army.  Cassius is the leader of the assassination plot and also has the ability to sway others to follow him.  However, Caesar is more open about his motives while Cassius is more sly.  He is not one who can relate with the common people.  Caesar even says that he is lean and enjoys no pleasures.  Caesar is quite the opposite.  He does enjoy life and all of the pleasures that it brings.  Cassius is plotting the assassination of Caesar, but Caesar had defeated Pompeii whom he had once sworn allegiance.

            Brutus and Antony are also more alike.  They had both been loyal to Caesar and considered his closest friends.  Brutus did betray him while Antony remained loyal to the end.  They both loved their country more than themselves.  Brutus only goes against Caesar because he is convinced he will declare himself king.  Brutus would fare well with his closest friend as king, but he put what he thought was best for his fellow countrymen first.  Antony, being a military man is as loyal to his army and military as Brutus is to his countrymen.  These two men are forced to make decision that will alter the courses of their lives.  Antony is far brighter and more trained than Brutus when it comes to military strategies   When he is a part of the assassination team, Brutus still takes the time to recognize the good qualities that Caesar possessed.  Antony also praises the Brutus after his death.  He knew that he did the wrong thing with honorable intentions.

            The play, Julius Caesar has been enjoyed for hundreds of years.  This has been true because of the strong characters that Shakespeare displays to the audience.  It will be entertaining for generations to come because of the strong storyline and the unforgettable characters.

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