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1. What is the significance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber in a healthy diet? Why do living organisms need these molecules?

When looking at these nutrients they each have their own individual function. Carbohydrates are what the organism uses to convert to energy in order to function and keeps all organs operating. Protein is essential in repairing and making new cells and also supplying the energy needed for an organism to grow Fats are an important part of your diet that help absorption of various vitamins but if not taken in in moderation can cause hardening of arteries and veins.. Fiber is an important part of a diet due to the fact that it helps maintain a good bowel health and maintains the balance of bacteria in the intestines.

2. Explore the “Salt & Sodium” and “Food Additives” sections. After reviewing the articles has your opinion changed about your current diet? List 2 new things you learned from the articles in these sections.

I learned that while salt used excessively can be a bad thing that the reason many people crave it severely when sweating or excercising it is lost in the sweat. Salt is also essential for the body as it helps muscles and nerves work properly. This is why some people that excessively sweat get leg cramps and other muscle spasms is from the loss of salt for the sodium channels In
the nerves.

Include references and in-text citations as needed in APA format.


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