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            The film is fascinating because of the good performance of the actors and actresses but the story was bit exaggerated to the extend that the story indicated a great mass destruction which could make a hole and dig from a certain part of the earth going deeper into its opposite side of the earth’s surface but in reality, a nuclear explosion could indeed cause a mass destruction but not as great as the movie indicated.

            On the contrary, this movie marked the thoughts and minds of those people who were able to view it; imagining what if the consequence in the movie is a fact or can be a fact?  And the other questions such as what if a certain accident like that occurs in the power plant near our places? It is really frightening to think that such helpful power plants which are the sources of the energy we use are dangerous and that it makes people wonder how far a certain power plant explosion could reach if ever the accident, just like in the movie, ever happens in reality.

            If a certain nuclear power plant tends to explode, the consequences would be that it would produce severe damage to all the near cities or towns where that power plant is located. It could effect into the consequence of nuclear meltdown which could spread near countries within a continent or near states or cities within a country but its effect is not as strong as how a nuclear bomb could impact earth and earth’s surface (NEA).

            Explosion and spreading of a nuclear radiation causes great consequences in people’s health, one of the main consequence is acquiring Acute Radiation Syndrome, Acute Health Effects wherein some of the body tissues of the exposed person to radiation is damaged which could also lead to the death of the body tissues, Genetic Effects wherein the person exposed to the radiation would have a hereditary effect, and Stochastic Effects which can be determined long time after the exposure to radiation happened; this can effect tumors or even blood cancer (NEA).

            The China syndrome film is an adventurous and revealing film which is directed by James Bridges. This film will make everyone realize what such a great impact a nuclear energy could cause or how it could possibly destroy the earth. The thrilling story started when a certain nuclear power plant heated up and the water on the water shield of the said power plant spilled on the ground. The heat that was produced by the power plant unexpectedly started to melt the surface of the earth deeper and deeper into the core which made its way into the other side of the earth’s surface which is stated as China (Bridges).

            On the other hand, the story behind the incident started to be revealed when one of the main characters, who is Kimberly Wells, played by Jane Fonda reached the nuclear power plant for the reason that it is part of one of her assignments as a news anchor wherein her main purpose is to cover the place for an informative series. While Kimberly and her other crew visited the power plant, an accident suddenly occur for an unknown reason and her cameraman Richard, played by Michael Douglas, started making a film on the incident without the authority of the plant’s permission (Bridges).

            Kimberly and Richard made their way to the station to ask for their film to be used as an exclusive coverage regarding with what happened on the plant but the TV station decline their aim. Intentionally, Richard secretly sneaked the film out of the TV station and referred it to a certain person who could explain him the reasons behind the said incident in the power plant. On the time of Kim and her crew’s visit at the power plant, there had been an alert which indicated that the water in the power plant’s core measured too high and therefore its pressure should be lessened by releasing the over amount of water (Bridges).

            Jack Godell, a character played by Jack Lemmon, commanded the people in the power plant to open some of the valves in order to release the excessive amount of water but what they did seemed ineffective and therefore the people opened a lot more other valves which caused the power plant’s core to almost drain (Bridges).

            Worryingly, Jack and his people tried to fill the core again only to figure out that the needle indicator of the analog meter was stuck to the fact that they almost released all the water from the valves and almost drained the power plant’s core. All through the story, nothing serious disaster really happened and that the worries and thrills of the film are all just because of the broken needle on the gauge (Bridges).

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