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You will be expected to submit a short response to an assigned reading passage or other medium of expression. These will constitute your reading/writing journal and will be part of your Critical Reading, Class Work and Oral Assignments (5 points of your 25 points assigned for journals – or 1 point per journal entry). Each response should be at least a page and a half in length (@ 500 words minimum) and typed with a clear heading (including the journal number) on the first page and a header on all subsequent pages. A good way to start your journal entry is to restate the question. Then take it from there!

Due: Week 2, Class 2

Read “What’s Wrong with Black English” by Rachel Jones This is available at the Copy Centre or online at Reflecting

Consider the position argued by Jones. Do you agree or disagree with her? How does her argument about Black English relate to Bahamian Dialect?

In no more than 100 words, summarize her argument. Then take a position agreeing or disagreeing with Jones and explain why. In your discussion you can refer to Bahamian Dialect. Be sure your over -all journal summary-response is at least 500 words (with the summary representing no more than 20 percent of it).

Why are we so easily taken in by what we read on the internet? What makes it more likely that we will open our ‘cyber doors’ to complete strangers than our real-life doors? Are we just too naïve or gullible? Have you ever been taken in by an internet hoax or scam? How can the public become more aware of internet exploitation? Is the legal system keeping pace with the ever-increasing popularity of the internet?

In a journal entry discuss/analyze one (1) of the following:  The impact of an internet hoax/scam on you (or a friend or family member).  The need to educate the public on cyber crime.
 How laws should be strengthened to protect internet users from being preyed upon by cyber criminals.
 How laws should be strengthened to prosecute and punish cyber criminals.
 A popular urban legend, phishing scheme, chain letter or hoax (provide some background information, examine why recipients are taken in by it, assess its impact, etc.). Note: You may select any one of the above topics but feel free to create your own. Just make sure it is relevant to the general topic of internet hoaxes, urban legends, etc.

Select a Bahamian song or poem and write a critical analysis of it. Try to find one that reflects a particular aspect of Bahamian culture or society. Avoid selecting a poem or song that you have worked on as part of the BGCSE curriculum or as an assignment for ENG 119. You may use a selection that is from the Caribbean (rather than the Bahamas) as long as its content is relevant to Bahamian society. This will give you a practice run for the critical analysis essay (your third and final essay – see pp. 53-57, in the Booklet. You will need to attach a copy of the poem or song lyrics to your entry. So, if you decide to do a song, make sure you can find its lyrics.

Note: A list of Bahamian/Caribbean poets and songwriters is available upon request. Soe have their own websites.

Locate and read “The Dread Tomato Addiction” by Mark Clifton online (it can be found on several websites including: Reflecting

What were your first thoughts as you read it? At what point did you realize it was actually a satirical piece of writing? What gave this away? Though this essay was written over 50 years ago, it reflects the distorted logic that many people (often but not limited to politicians) employ in their writing/speeches. Statistics can be manipulated, misapplied or misinterpreted. As the saying goes, “Figures don’t lie but liars do figure.”

In a journal entry discuss/analyze/complete one (1) of the following:  Construct a satirical argument using irrelevant/distorted/homemade statistics and/or fallacious reasoning. For example, arguing that statistically, young men have more accidents; thus, the legal driving age should be raised for males.

 Sampling is a popular method of gathering data and drawing conclusions through extrapolation. However, sampling can be flawed if not properly carried out (e.g., convenience/voluntary response samples, bias or confounding/lurking variables). Set up a situation where this leads to a false result, even a humorous one. Here’s an amusing example of a lurking variable: and a discussion of the now famous survey on parenthood by advice columnist Ann Landers, which was a flawed voluntary response sample:

Find a letter to the editor or an op-ed piece that bases its argument on statistics. Assess the validity of these statistics and analyze how
effectively the writer utilizes them.  Graphic representation (e.g., pie charts or bar graphs) of statistical data can be misleading. Construct a graph/chart that is intentionally misleading and then present the same information in a graphic form that would more fairly represent the statistics. Explain why one graph misrepresents the statistics while the other presents an accurate graphic reflection of them. You will find helpful sources online such as: and

Journal Response 5
Due: Week 14, Class 1
Write a reflection on this course. Be sure to include all the major aspects: essays, mid-term comprehension, cultural component, journal, other assignments, in-class activities, peer editing, and conferences/consultations (including e-mail). What did you particularly enjoy or benefit from? What would you have gladly passed up? Other points you might wish to comment on in this reflection include: past experiences with English courses (in high school and in college), your expectations in future English courses (e.g., ENG 300), whether you feel better prepared to handle major papers and reports (or not), and recommendations for improving the course. Constructive criticism is welcome and you will not be penalized for being candid.

Bonus Journal Response
Due: Last Day of Classes
This entry is entirely optional and can substitute for a missed entry – or one for which you received just half credit. For this journal entry you should submit a piece of writing that could be published in Tamarind. This writing could take many forms but here are some ideas:  short story

 reflection on the first 40 years of being an independent nation
 critical analysis of a work of art
 amusing recounting of the guerilla tactics of driving around N. P. during rush hour
 review of an art exhibit
 tribute to an unsung hero
 photo montage (with commentary) of life at COB
 commentary on a tourist attraction
 rap version of a B’Rabby folktale
 humorous dialogue via text messaging
If for some reason you missed the deadline for Journal 3, you might even consider submitting that entry if you think it would make a suitable selection for Tamarind.

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