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The control Mechanisms Essay Sample

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The control Mechanisms Essay Sample


The control mechanisms are the techniques or means that a person uses so that he or she can manipulate the rest in the organization. The four control mechanism of the   hospitality organization will be the personality of different types that include the intimidator this is a person who has control over others and does this through commanding and instructing them on what to do in the hospitality organization the manager and the team leaders are responsible and ensure that the performance of the organization is achieved. There is the interrogator this is a person who gets the information from others so that he or she can know what the problem is or the weaknesses in the people the team leaders and the managers should also be open to the other workers so that they can get the knowledge that is required this is because if they have no relationship with the other workers then the working of the organization will be affected by the conflicts that exist and this will lead to production of poor quality products that will affect the human race.( Ben,1998)

            There is the aloof this is a person who does not reveal what he or she intends but stays above them without reacting to them but waits the people whom are ruled to make mistakes this personality is not among the best but the manager should make the corrections early before the problem arises this is because with the employees been liable for the mistakes then it is also good for the organization to come into terms with the workers so that they can achieve the expected performance. There is the victim this is a person who makes the others have pity on something that has occurred and this is done through explaining to the people and demonstrating how the people are unlucky and does this through making these people to feel pity or guilt if the team leaders and the managers explain the problems to the workers in the right way then one will be ready to make the corrections that are required and this will lead to the high performance in that particular organization.

The reason is that the hospitality organization encourages teamwork and therefore without the relations to the whole organization then conflicts will result leading to collapse of that organization.  The comparison of these four control mechanisms is that the people with authority in the hospitality organization that is the managers should ensure that they have these personalities so that they can assist the other workers in achieving what they require this has to be done through coming into relationship with these people and through knowing what is wrong with such an employee then it becomes possible for such a person to know how to correct the problem at the right time. (Alice, 1992)

            These control mechanism in the hospitality organization are very effective this is due to the fact that the leader knows how to deal with the workers as there are many workers and therefore with the right relationship been enhanced and knowing where the problem arise from then it keeps the organization moving to reach the target that will be a high production been achieved. The employees will have a positive view to the management and therefore they will work aiming at success of the hospitality organization. If the managers have no authority that is required then it will lead to the collapse and giving of poor quality products to the consumers and therefore the manager should be able to command and give instructions so that the employees do not take the advantage of poor performance. The positive reactions to these control mechanisms in the hospitality organization is that there is the enhancement and maintenance of the right relationship this is achieved through the manager been able to learn the weaknesses from the people and coming into   the right performance of the organization. There is also the know how of how to go about the problems that affects these people and this has to be done through giving the employees the chance of explaining their views so that the right changes can be achieved. . (Alex, 1990)

In the management then the hospitality organization should ensure that the mechanisms lead to the acquisition of the objectives and the goals that are set by the organizations.  The first function that is in planning   one has to be in keep in that mind that there are strategies that have to be achieved and lead to the required performance therefore the hospitality organizations should ensure that the workers and the employer has the inclusion of these workers so that the planning is easier in the formulation of the rules and regulations and in the decision making process that will lead to high production that is targeted by the organization.

In the second function that is to organize then the organization has to come into terms with the people who work in the organization this is because there is need for the resources to be made use of in the right manner and therefore if the organization does not know how the   resources are used then this can lead to losses been experienced this is due to the fact that the right relationship is required so that the resources are fully exploited. The third, which is the direct, this has to be ensured so that there is the right control and supervision therefore the leader should ensure that he or she has got power and authority over the subordinates so that the operations can be well done. In the fourth, which is the control then one, has got to know the methods that can be used in the solving of the problems so that the performance is high. Therefore the manager should have the four control mechanisms so that the organization can lead to success this is because if the person lacks any of the personalities then it will mean that the operations of the organization will not be desirable


The hospitality organization requires that workers and the management as a whole to relate in the right way this is because if there is conflict then the organization will collapse due to the conflicts that result from the employees and this has got a high effects to the products that are produced like the food in the organization. The right personalities have to be maintained so that the negative impacts that can result from the organization can be dealt with in the right manner and lead to high production.


Alex, P. (1990): the management functions in relation to the control mechanisms. University press

Alice, K. (1992): the effectiveness of the control mechanisms. The AEI press Washington, dc

Ben, Y. (1998): the quality management and the improvement in the hospitality organizations. University of Bonn.

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