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The Correctness of the Evolutionary Theory of Charles Darwin Essay Sample

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The Correctness of the Evolutionary Theory of Charles Darwin Essay Sample

Charles Darwin, the prime mover behind the theory of evolution, was wrong in his theory that people evolved from apes. Or was he?

            In the mind of fundamental Christians and other biblically based groups, the belief that God’s supreme creation cannot and must not be accepted as anything more than complete and utterly illogical rantings. Even Muslim and other religions seem to frown on the concept that the different species that are currently occupants of planet Earth evolved from some earlier form of life that just adapted to their new living environment means that the concept of one Creator forming and creating the vast array of nature around us is not His work, but the stages of a theory of evolutionary change in humans, plants and animals.

            Again, it is stated that Darwin’s statement is a theory. So why all the negative reaction to it?

It is only a theory that explains the origin of adaptation, complexity and the diversity among Earth’s living creatures. Theories need to be proven in order for them to be accepted as scientific law ( as was the case for Newton’s Law of Gravity). Unless proven scientifically and empirically proven, it just remains a theory,

            But in this scenario, the statement from Christians and other religions seem to focus on the strict literal interpretation of the Bible and other religious work that touches on the subject of creation.  For them, the thought that earlier descent from earlier primates contradicts a strict reading of the Book of Genesis for the fundamental Christians and other books used by  other religions, such as the Koran of the Muslim faith and the Torah of the Jews. To them, another explanation of how species came to be are non-negotiable.

            At the crux of the issue are two big ideas: the evolution of all species, as a historical phenomenon, and  natural selection. The latter deals with the thesis that animals, as they evolve, inherit traits and characteristics that would help them survive and improve their chances of existence vis-s-vis the extinction of other species that were not able to inherit similar characteristics that would ensure their existence, hence the concept of the survival of the strongest.

            But can evolution be verified? Yes, it can by study and by observation of the different processes that go on everyday in the biosphere, that is Earth. By this one can accumulate evidence to counter the severe criticism of “antievolutionists”, who work very hard to stop or at least interfere with the teaching of the subject where it may be found and taught.

            The mountain of evidence notwithstanding, the wave of antievoltionits seem to be snowballing, not because of evidence that they possess to p[rove to the contrary, but maybe just out of ignorance on the subject. What is the ideal solution? The evolution account can be made to explain the creation account found in religious literature, so as to better appreciate the functions of the different specie of flora and fauna, and better yet, explain the functioning of the human body by understanding the varied operations that each of the parts that one possesses and how to treat them if and when they fall to sickness or damaged.

            If and when that time comes, a more harmonious interaction can be demonstrated to unlocking the varied and immense workings of the environment around us.


Quammen,D.( 2004 November). “Was Darwin Wrong?”. National Geographic Magazine.

Retrieved November 27 2007.


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