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True love is a passion, devotion, sometimes confusion, led by adoration, affection and itself. True love may lead you through various feelings, providing warmth like silk slipping through your fingers, or pain, as if you were bound to be in the dumps your entire life. True love itself is our life, through twist and turns, ups and downs, true love is in our souls. The course of true love never did run smooth. After Twenty Years is one of the examples of the love of friendship. How two men held on to their long ago pact but as they met, it turned out not to be what they’ve expected. The true love between childhood friends may be as simple as how you stay with each other knowing you would be there for your friend no matter what happens. However in reality, when a friend is to fulfill his duty¬¬ of being righteous, ‘I couldn’t do it myself’ (p.360).

‘Imagine a king with a golden touch’ (p.685), the love of money and power had led one to the loss of one’s beloved daughter into a statue of gold. The true love of King Midas led him to perceive his lessons. True love helped him so as to let him learn that ‘I am content’ (p.685) From ‘Aschenputtel’, the loving of mothers led her daughters to be ‘condemned for the rest of their days because of their wickedness and falsehood’ (p.755). How the love and fond of the prince led people to be so selfish, reveals the most ugly side of a person as they use all their wits in order to get what they long for! The stepsisters were not meant to be the wife of the prince. I agree that the course of true love never did run smooth. Affection, devotion, passion of one never meant that the love of their dreams would come true.

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