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This movie brings all the drama of a spy movie to its telling of the story of the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, on the island of Honshu, and the police surveillance of the filmmakers, the cameras disguised as rocks, the thermal imaging, infrared video, and sneaking around at night contribute to the power of the film. The process of filming the slaughter has a secret ops feel which is exciting but what is really engaging is the story of Ric O’Barry. He takes responsibility for the popularity of bottle-nosed dolphins as the main trainer on the television show Flipper. After one of his whales dies in his arms, he decides to rectify what he has done and has spent the rest of his life trying to free whales. Ric O’Barry is one of the most amazing inspiring examples of someone taking responsibility for their actions and trying to make the world a better place. From, health reasons such as extreme level

s of mercury poisoning to issues with the government that go much further than just dolphin killing.

The film touches on subjects everyone should be aware of. Hunting of dolphins and porpoises was tackled not only because of the act but because of the method and the purpose.

It is matter of public opinion and one does not need to have a doctoral degree to say if it is cruel or not. Remember, cruelty is universal and one knows if someone is being cruel to someone in any degree or manner. Aside from the critical issue of animal rights and cruelty there is the environmental impact of the species and the lack there of. Nature is intricately systematic and if certain cultures such as that of Taiji in Japan continue on their unregulated mass hunting of dolphins and porpoises, there will come a time that the species will not pass by their waters anymore, will eventually be endangered and become extinct.

The absence of one species has always an effect on the natural environment. Dolphins eat small fish and crustaceans and their absence means the population boom of these species and will contribute to habitat instability of that ecosystem. The impact of the decreasing number of dolphins and porpoises is not yet determined however any abrupt change is usually harmful. Keeping in mind that this may be a Taijian tradition however brutally killing a living thing without any good and considerable purpose is deemed universally inappropriate if not immoral. But then again we have the question on what is a good and considerable purpose. I say if those who say it is wrong outweigh those who say it is right, then the act should be stopped.

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