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”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Essay Sample

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”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Essay Sample

Literary Terms 1. John Proctor is the protagonist in the novel, “The Crucible.” 2. Luzhin is the antagonist in the novel, “Crime and Punishment.” 3. Round character

4. Flat character
5. The setting of “The Crucible” is Salem, a small town in Massachusetts in 1692. 6. The tone of “The Crucible” is very serious and tragic. 7. The central conflict of in the “Toy Story” is that Woody feels Andy loves another toy, Buzz Lightyear, more than him. 8. The CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, is an example of an acronym. 9. I have a canon of many philosophy books.

10. The word origin is etymological a Latin and Middle English word. 11. It is easy to misinterpret context my friend’s text message by the abbreviations he writes in. 12. The plot of “The Crucible” is the fabrications of many people because they have some type of motives, envy, or to cast revenge. 13. The introduction to “The Crucible” begins with the girls dancing in the woods. 14. The rising action of “Crime and Punishment” is that Rodia is contemplating to commit a crime. 15. The turning point of “Crime and Punishment” is Raskolnikov confessing to murder. 16. The falling action of “Crime and Punishment” is that Raskolnikov realizes he is in love with Sonya. 17. The resolution to “Crime and Punishment” is the confession of Raskolnikov. 18. The symbolism in “Crime and Punishment” is the religious symbol of the city of Saint Petersburg the pushes him to confess. 19. The fire was personified as it was eating at the wood as a live animal would. 20. i.e.

21. The foreshadowing of the novel “Crime and Punishment” is when Raskolnikov keeps remembering that he killed the pawnbroker. 22. Ellipsis
23. The motif of “Crime and Punishment” was the poverty they lived in. 24. The metaphor, “better safe than sorry”, is a good moral to live by. 25. “She was as beautiful as a new bloom flower”, is a very cute simile. 26. Robert Frost uses two roads as an extended metaphor in the poem “The Road Not Taken.” 27. “A just war” a well example of an oxymoron.

28. My favorite narrative is “The Communist Manifesto.” 29. I was the narrator when performing “Romeo and Juliet.” 30. Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, “Notes from Underground”, is all spoken in the first person. 31. Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace” is an example of a third person omniscient. 32. Limited third person

33. Objective third person
34. The rhetorical slogan on the billboard had said, “Smoking can lead to lung cancer. Who knew?” 35. It was a dramatic when John F. Kennedy was murder.
36. It is a tragedy to watch innocent people die in Syria.

37. Charlie Chaplin was the first person to make a silent comedy that had entertained many people. 38. William Shakespeare had written many playwrights such as “Hamlet.” 39. The theme of “Crime of Punishment” is that a guilty conscience is the true punishment. 40. An example of a foil is how Don Quixote the thin, different in body and personality with his friend, the fat Sancho Panza. 41. The novel “The Republic” is mainly dialogic because it is all among several people talking. 42. In “The Crucible” it had started off with overture because it began with a quote. 43. The McCarthy Trails and The Salem Witch Hunts are allegoric. 44. “The Crucible” had made many allusions to holy Christian book “The Bible.” 45. There are plenty of fish in the sea is an example of an analogy. 46. An example of an analogy is, a mother tells her son a story about a family vacation when she was growing up, for it is a brief story. 47. Aphrisom

48. Mein Kampf is an autobiography on Hitler’s life.
49. “The Invisible Man” is an example semi-autobiographical because it had described a man that had suffered through racism that many Afro-Americans’ suffered. 50. The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone is a biography for it is about Michelangelo’s life. 51. It is ironic how John Proctor coincidently forgot one of his ten commandants, adultery. 52. “The Name of the Rose” is a historical fiction in an Italian monastery in the year 1327. 53. Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace is a very heavy and large tome. 54. My favorite genre of music is classical.

55. My perforated genre of literate in the anthology is short stories. 56. I had asked Mrs.Podesta for a addendum of a day the English assignment. 57. Robert DeNero was in a movie and was one of the best thespians in it. 58. In the play, “Hamlet”, Macbeth tragic flaw was that he had trusted the king and end up killing him. 59. William Shakespeare’s plays are histrionics for most of them are plays. 60. The Bible is made up of many parables for they all have some moral conjugation. 61. Big Foot, as many of these types of myths, does not exist. 62. Animal farm is a fable for it consisted of talking animals it had a recap on history.

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