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Each activity has a value. Your minimum amount of credits to reach is 90, but the more the merrier! This is a fun but serious project to help you understand the play, themes, context and characters, so I am expecting the highest of standards in presentation and effort. Your project must include a title page about ‘The Crucible’ AND be presented in a folder of some sort. Even if you do anything on a computer, it must be printed out and stuck in. Create a quiz on ‘The Crucible’. It must have at least 15 questions, an answer sheet and it must be illustrated or decorated. I expect more than true or false, so really try to think up challenging and in-depth questions (e.g ‘what is the first name of Mr Proctor?’ BORING and EASY!)

10 credits
Create a diary entry from a character of your choice in ‘The Crucible’. Focus on one key event so your writing can have some structure and focus. Think about exploring something what has happened to them or how they might be feeling.

20 credits
Do sketches of three characters from ‘The Crucible’. You must then label them carefully with as many words as you can to describe their characters (be adventurous….don’t say they are nice…BORING!) Once you have written the words, you must then find quotes from the text to back up each word you have written.

30 credits
‘Have no fear now – we shall find (the devil) out if he has come among us, and I mean to crush him utterly if he has shown his face’ (Reverend Hale)

Write a report that Hale sends to Deputy-Governor Danforth after the events of Act 1. He should explain: why he first came to Salem
his first impressions of the people he meets there
his reactions to the events in the Parris household
his assessment of the witchcraft in the village
what he believes would now be the best course of action

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