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The Culture of Walt Disney Essay Sample

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The Culture of Walt Disney Essay Sample

The Walt Disney Company founded in 1927 by Walter Disney which started as simply as a studio to provide entertainment for children. Over time the Disney Companies has evolved into an entertainment mogul over the years. From their world famous amusement parks as well as located in Florida and California to owning media networks as well as the their products across the world in addition to their interactive studios.

This organization prides themselves and their values when it is concerning the human element of their business. This includes their guests, audiences, and a consumer base as well as it not ending there, this element also pertains to their cast, employees, and crew members. The Disney organizations is committed to the safety and well-being to all of those is associated with company allowing them to be considered one of the most safe, inclusive, and respectable work environments at each location in the world.

The Disney organizations present a culture that is consistent in utilizing the unique ability to harness the imagination in a way that will inspire others, improve lives across the world which brings hope, and bring laughter and smiles to those who need it most. The organization works together as a team and they embrace the values that the Disney organizations an extraordinary place to work. They also strive to set high standard of excellence in addition to maintaining a high quality standards across all product categories.

The communication that is used within the Disney organizations is based on press releases due to popularity of social media which allows Disney use this method as a means of external communication. The internal communications within the organization consists of the interaction each employee as well as department which is consistent with their culture and their values. As the culture in the organization distinguishes the values that Disney takes pride in. The communication and how it relates to the culture and the values of the organization is relevant to their mission to provide a safe work environment as well as provide a stable environment for their guests and customers.

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