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Describe the writer’s topic:

The writer’s topic is an overview of the current state of health care, specifically health insurance, in the United States.  The writer emphasizes that they are possible solutions to the health care crisis and explains each in detail.

Describe and analyze how the writer’s synthesis of the issue explores the important aspects of the issue, historical information, various perspectives on the issue (including within his/her own community, and his/her conclusions about the issue).

The writer begins by catching the attention of the reader by introducing the health care crisis from a personal perspective.  The writer explores the issue of insurance from a national level and explains in detail the economic problems faced by the nation as a whole.  The writer then effortlessly transitions to explain how the lack of insurance causes problems on a state level and then concludes, quite dramatically, by asserting that it is the hardworking lower middle class individual that suffers most from the lack of a national health care program in the United States.

Describe and analyze the writer’s persuasive letter soliciting community action regarding your issue.

There is no letter.

Describe how the writer makes use of research.

The writer uses several instances of paraphrasing which are used to support almost all of the writers assertions about health insurance in the United States.  However, there is a lack of direct quotes and the writer fails to fully flesh out a literature review of the research done.  The lack of direct quotations takes away from the power of the essay.

Comment on the writer’s introduction and conclusion. Are they effective and why? What needs work, and what suggestions do you have for improvement?

The essay’s introduction and conclusion were fair.  Health insurance and the American health crisis is old news and for an essay on this topic to be interesting it must be approached from a new perspective and I think the writer could have used his or her own voice better.  Writer could have had a very strong opinion and supported that opinion with real facts and direct quotations.  The use of first person narrative was extremely distracting and made the paper read like a high school project.

What questions do you have for the writer about his/her essay?

Why does health care cost so much in the United States?  Do you think that a national insurance program, similar to those in Europe, would be a good option of the United States?

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