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The Current State of the American Economy Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

            Majority of the local economies in the present global market are experiencing difficulties and problems regarding their monetary and fiscal management and this is mainly because of many external factors such as political disruption and militaristic activities. This idea is also true even to the American’s economic condition as also signified by their economic condition. However, significant facts and data still describe the American economy to be strongly withstanding to the frugal conditions in the global market and still able to efficiently manage their economic resources.

            As viewed from an economic perspective, it can be said that most of the economic goals of the said society has still have not been achieved yet they are closer to its achievement a

t the present. Most of the previously proposed economic plans are being gradually implemented at the

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present and its effects are already being significantly felt in their local market. Also, the aspect of the America’s national debt are still kept in balance amidst the implementation of the country’s many economic activities eventhough current global market is very stiff. Economic growth and social development are still being fostered as the results of the national implementation of a more comprehensive and efficient fiscal policies regarding the input and output of the monetary resources in the local market. Thus, with these factors and their current condition, one can actually state that the America’s present economy is very much growing and developing amidst the challenges in the global economy.

            The American society has always been perceive to be one of the strongest and most influential national economy in the global market and with their current state regarding their monetary and fiscal aspect, they have proven that they are indeed a strong economic entity. Their national economy has been able to show the world that with the implementation of an efficient and proper economic principle, national economy can actually withstand and prosper against the impending challenges of the global economy.


Siebert, Horst (2002).  Economic Policy Issues of the New Economy. Springer Verlag GmBH. Heidelberg, Germany.

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