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Everybody had their happy, sad, bad and even exciting time. But as for me, the most frightened time of my life is when I got my PMR result. Before the PMR result came out, everybody keep asking and texting me saying when is the day of the result. I keep telling them I don’t know. This question never ends about a month. A few weeks later, there was an announcement on the television about the day of the PMR result. I was getting a little nervous when its say the day of the result is at the 22nd of December 2011 which is tomorrow. A few minutes after the announcement, I was going to check my message on the phone when suddenly one of my bestfriend called and ask me look on the Facebook. I was so surprised because on the Facebook, all of my friends are talking about the PMR result. On that night, I had a bad dream that I fail my entire subject. When I woke up the next morning, I felt sad and my face looks like I haven’t have enough sleep at all. I take a bath then pray to Allah begging, let that be just a dream. After I had my breakfast about 9.30, my parent was ready to send me to school. On the way to school, I have a strange felling that I felt like I want to throw up.

When we arrived, the school was crowded with students and their parents. My mother said she will fetch me later after I get my result. Everyone was like snatch the front seat to advance to the teacher table. It was a fierce battle and everyone keeps knocking each other. I was lucky, when Riha let me in front of her because she was too nervous. It was a very long line. Finally it was my turn, the teacher ask me to find my certificate first. But that alright at least I don’t have to know my result for another few more seconds. I was reciting my alfatihah so many times right in front of my teacher. When the teacher handover my result, I take a deep breath and slowly look at look at it.I was so relief that I pass the entire subject even though I only got one A.

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