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Have you ever had something change the rest of your life? Well I have and I will tell you about it. It was Wednesday December 22, 2010 the day my mom had gotten into a car accident with my baby sister. That morning I was getting ready for school and it was cold. As I was eating my breakfast my mom told me that my little sister had pink eye and she was going to miss school and go to the doctors. Well I had told my mom that I had a feeling that something bad was gonna happen and that I didn’t really know what but I knew something was going to happen. My mom told me it was all going to be okay and there was nothing to worry about.

I was in math class and I had gotten up to sharpen my pencil I heard the tires squeal as my mom tried to hit the breaks and I watched my mom and little sister get hit by a big van. The only thing I could do was cry and scream, I dropped to my knees telling myself that it really wasn’t my mom. My ex boyfriend held me close trying to comfort me but all I wanted to was stand up and look out the window. I didn’t see my little sister move and it made me so sick. I ran out of the classroom and tried going outside to see if my mom and little sister were okay but the counselor held me back and held me so tight i couldn’t move which made me angry cause I was scared I lost my mom and baby sister. She told me to sit down in the hall and she would hold me close so I didn’t run. My mom was rushed to the ER by ambulance and so was my sister. My aunt was called to come and pick me up. She took me home and stayed with me until my dad came home.

Me and my dad finally got to the hospital and saw my mom thankfully my sister was okay but she had a bump on her head. Seeing my mom with all the bruises and in massive amount of pain made me cry even more. She had a huge black eye for weeks, screwed up shoulder for life, and hurt her left knee horribly. I wouldn’t let my sister leave the house unless she had her seatbelt on really tight and was with me in the back. This went on for weeks. I was perturfided of losing my mom and sister and I begged my mom not to go out unless my dad was driving, because I didn’t want her to get into another accident. I had nightmares for a couple months. Christmas will never be the same for me, a week before every Christmas I beg my mom not to go out until after Christmas unless shes with my dad. To this day my mom has so many problems thanks to the car accident. This dramatically changed my life and even writing about it makes me cry to this day. This is absolutely the worst thing any child should have to witness.

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