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“The Death of the Salesman”

As for me, the play “The Death of the Salesman” seems to be both tragic and realistic because it represents natural hesitations of a person affected by the American Dream. On the one hand, the play is tragic because the author shows fall down of the main hero Willy, though, on the other hand, the play is rather symbolic and realistic because many people in those times failed to survive and to respond to the demands of American Dream. Furthermore, many people were affected by desire of self-enrichment and material wealth not paying attention to spiritual development.

Willy appeared to be strongly influenced by the belief that in the United States of America everybody had to work hard and only determination could lead to better life through constant earnings of money. I realize that money is important in our life to, though a person shouldn’t be obsessed with the idea of enrichment. American dream didn’t suggest the ideas of intellectual wealth and development. It is apparent that American families were trying to find the relative comfort and stability for living, though they should adequately realize their abilities and ambitions along with personal inclinations.

It is seen throughout the play that Willy wholeheartedly believed in the promises and opportunities of the American Dream. He believed that only personally attractive and well liked people in business were able to acquire the material stability and comfort in American society. He was fully obsessed with the ideas of attractiveness and likeability and he was ready to work hard without any complaints. I can’t agree with him and think that American Dream caused psychological decline in Willy as he failed to accept the disparity between his own life and the American Dream.  Nevertheless, Will managed to make a sacrifice when trying to leave inheritance allowing other people to fulfill the American Dream. I think that people should value firstly love offered by their families and friends and only then to think of material wealth as it is impossible to “buy” beloved people.

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