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The devastation of Nuclear Weapons and why they should cease to exist. Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that the use of Nuclear Weapons or WMD (weapons of mass destruction), should be eradicated for the safety and preservation of humanity and the world Thesis Statement: America, and humanity as a whole, should agree to stop the use and creation of Nuclear weapons because of lessons learned through history, as well as logical and moral conclusions based on the facts surrounding them. Introduction:

There is only one weapon of mankind to have been used only once before. Understandably warfare itself is a disturbing topic. The idea is men killing other men in the name of what’s right, except it’s never a choice on whose side you fight for. We are all born on some continent and wherever that happens to be will be our homeland to fight for. But war is inevitable, it will come because there will always be something to fight over, whether Religion, Justice, or Power, it will happen. Therefore it is necessary for a country to be prepared for war, consisting of soldier, guns, rifles, and an assortment of machines of war. These creations are grimly designed to kill another man, but and although bleak in imagining, their existence is understandable.

What simply isn’t understandable though is one weapon of war that takes destruction to a whole other level. Where as the rifle kills one man with a bullet, this weapon decimates a city with a single detonation. Where as a rifle leaves behind a body to be mourned, this weapon leaves only the imprint of what used to be. Where as a rifle is focused on it’s objective and target, this weapon knows no boundaries, and has no moral compass upon which to judge whom to remove from this earth.

WMD’s, The A-bomb, The Little boy, The Fat man, The Tsar Bomb, The Nuke. All these names are one thing, Nuclear Weapons. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Through History we’ve seen them, and today we fear them. As they continue to exist we continue to live in a frightening world where citywide destruction can happen in mere seconds. For our health both physically and mentally the removal of Nuclear Weapons is beneficial. What will be discussed today is how devastating these weapons are, why there is no solid justification for their existence, and just exactly what is being and should be done about them (START).

I. Nuclear Weapons are massively devastating bombs and history has shown them to be gruesomely effective and wide scale killing devices. a. Hiroshima and Nagasaki (talk about how powerful they were and the damage they did.) b. The Tsar bomba (Most powerful Nuclear Weapon ever detonated)

II. Because of the immense power of Nuclear Weapons they have no place in conventional warfare, which is currently their purpose. They are fundamentally flawed creations. a. Nuclear Weapons are meant to destroy on a massive scale. (Meaning they will kill innocents) which is never the intention of war. That is the intention of terrorism. Where as Soldier and conventional weapons of war are primarily designed to protect countries and offer security, It is in the design of a Nuclear Weapon to make other countries feel insecure. b. Nuke cannot fight Nukes. If a terrorist organization has a Nuke, what good does it do for America to have Nuclear Weapons? c. Because the super Powers of Russia and America designed the Nuclear Weapons, less respectable and trusted countries and organizations now have them and will continue to have them if no worldwide disarmament is achieved. (North Korea, Iram).

Transition: What is being done about Nuclear Weapons now that you see they serve no logical purpose besides mass destruction.

III. There are many anti Nuclear Weapons organizations as well as programs of Nuclear Disarmament supported by President Obama. a. START program

b. Large decreases in global nuclear arsenals could help generate the international cooperation needed to secure and eliminate nuclear materials, making it less likely terrorists could steal or build a bomb. (pdf) c. U.S new policy regarding Nuclear Weapons (pdf)


I. Nuclear Weapons are far too powerful to be of any actual use in our modern society II. If humanity is to continue forward into the future of not just technology but of civility, then such an advanced yet barbaric weapon is certainly the wrong path. III. Along the line there is a decision to be made, and that’s whether to create together, or destroy alone.

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