The Devices and Techniques Used by the Media in Order to Get the Point Across to the Public Essay Sample

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The Media is present in our day-to-day life and has a constant influence over the public; there are various ways in which the media do this. I will demonstrate these techniques and devices with the use of a holiday advertisement from a Thomson holiday brochure. The first thing I noticed when looking at the advert is that there are many large and colourful images of the resort but more importantly of

but more importantly of guests of the resort are having a good time. This is common in many forms of media advertisement as the people who make the advertisements want you to see that other people at the resort are happy and that you could be just as happy if you go to the resort. The images contain various shots from a variety of angles and are chosen to appeal to a wide range of people by showing various activities. For example the first picture located at the top left hand side shows a large swimming pool where people can go for a swim or simply lie around the pool and enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The second image found below the first is that of a closer shot where a bar like area is visible, this is important as many people would like to sit by the pool and enjoy a drink or perhaps a snack. And finally the third picture is of a wide shot which shows the variety of people at the resort there are children, young adults and older adults all enjoying themselves at one resort. Also throughout the three images the sun is always shining on the pool and the building giving it a tropical and exotic theme. There is a much smaller image at the very top of the advert which shows a room at the hotel “Cambrils Princess”, the room is shown with a balcony and is very clean and tidy. The room would be clean and tidy to show that the hotel is maintained to a high standard. The general use of imagery is an example of a graphic device as is the font size and type.

The design layout is common to most if not all holiday advertisements there are multiple images, bright colours are used and the price is left to last as not to immediately detour people with a set budget this technique is used to encourage people they are buying a holiday that will be worth there money no matter what their budget is. A further point of this is that the bottom of the page has the words “Great discounts” are displayed in bold then immediately after in less dramatic lettering “available on these prices” this is done to encourage people to go to there nearest Thomson travel agent and enquire about these prices. So before the reader has viewed the prices they think they could be getting a reduced price and this making Thomson look favourable over other travel agencies. The constant competition between rivals is the main factor of such devices and techniques and they are employed to try to make there company or product seem superior then all others through adverts.

A persuasive technique used within this particular advert is that of an advantageous promise which is used through child reductions up to the age of twelve years old and nightly entertainment, air conditioned rooms and 24 hour room service. The creator of the advert is involving the reader in the article with the first question “Is it for me?” Asking questions is a traditional method of urging the reader to read on and find out more.

To keep reading and advert is the entire purpose; if your reader does not become interested there is no way of promoting your product through that particular channel of media. The creator is also using a varied approach to displaying information. For example the main questions such as Location and activities are highlighted in bold then the questions are answered with the use of less imposing text set out in bullet points. This particular technique is used to make the reader take notice of the questions and they can easily see the answers due to the clarity of the paragraphs. The other aspects of the article include the options provides by Thomson these include return coach or taxi fare from and to your resort and the option of sparkling wine and flowers at an extra price. These are used to include a sense of a complete holiday experience.

I believe this piece of work highlights the Medias intentions to get its point across to the general public through various techniques and devices.

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