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The Digital Provide Information Essay Sample

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The Digital Provide Information Essay Sample

People nowadays are living in an information age dependent upon digital information. Digital information is electronic information, the result of computer processing. Every type of job relies upon getting information, using it, managing it, and relaying information to others. Computers enable the efficient processing and storage of information. A grading system plays a key role in the management system of any school.

But, such systems do not often relate expectations, outcomes, and performance. As each student desires to achieve a good score for each assignment, exam, project and/or report, the whole process adds heavy workload for teachers in order to make their evaluation fair, comprehensive, and accurate. From the faculty perspective, these are necessary to avoid disagreement from students and parents.

A computerized grading system is a highly desirable addition to the educational tool-kit, particularly when it can provide less effort and a more effective and timely outcome. Grading systems are designed to provide incentives for achievement and assist in identifying problem areas of a student. It is the most commonly used means of analyzing student performance, talents and skills. Students’ grades are vital information needed in advancing to the next grade/year level and its accuracy is very important.

Many teachers feel that the time they take in recording and computing for the grades of their students is time that could be better spend elsewhere, like preparing lessons, researching or meeting with their students. With the advent of computer technology, more and more schools are taking advantage of a variety of grading systems available both off-line and online that can help save time on administrative tasks and give teachers more time to attend to other important functions. However, a greater majority, especially small schools, government schools, and schools in remote areas, still utilize the manual method of recording and computing for the grades of the students.

Today’s schools are pressured in many ways. Not only do they need to maintain student achievement but they are also required to improve it. Many factors have been identified that can affect student success. It will also explore the ways in which technology, in the form of a computerized grading system, can affect the communication process between administrators and teacher and teacher. Finally, it will study the impact on the attitude of teachers that a computerized grading system can have on the education process.


To facilitate understanding of this study, the following terms are hereby operationally defined: Computer Literate. This refers to the people who have enough familiarity with computer who can function effectively in an information society. Grading System commonly used in computing and analyzing the performance, talents and skills of the students

Digital information is a type of information stored using a series of ones and zeros. It is the most commonly used method of storing and reading data, as it can be copied, edited and moved without losing any quality. Computer Technology is the activity of designing and constructing and programming computers. It encompasses a developing list of different software programs and devices.
Computer Literacy is the ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.

This chapter presents the research design, research instruments, data gathering procedures, treatment of data and statistical tools. The research used the descriptive method of research. This method was considered a fact-finding technique with adequate interpretation of the data derived from the results of the response to the items in the questionnaire.


The primary instrument used to gather data and information was the questionnaire. Interview and observation was also utilized in the study to gather additional information. Questionnaire The research utilized the questionnaire because it could reach out to most number of respondents at a given time to gather necessary data about this study.

To supplement, verify and determine the real needs of the students and teachers, there searcher made use of the unstructured interview. Interview was used in order to clarify some vague information revealed in the data gathered from the respondents.


The sample participants in this study consisted of forty respondents’ ages from 22 years old to 60 years old teachers. These teachers taught as classroom-based teachers at Novaliches High School, Division of Quezon City


The respondents used in this study were 40 classroom teachers at Novaliches High School, Division of Quezon City for school year 2016-2017. The respondents were given checklist for them to identify the profile, problems encountered by the teachers, computer facilities and teacher competencies. To supplement the data gathered from the questionnaire, the researchers conducted interviews and participative observation. These two techniques helped the researchers clarify some vague responses of the respondents that were indicated in the questionnaire. Furthermore, these tools help the researchers gain first hand information from the respondent. Furthermore observations where conducted to unified some findings that were based on the responses of the respondent.

Interview and observation where conducted to supplement, validate or crosscheck data and information obtained through the questionnaire and what the documents purport to say. In other words, the observation and interview are effective tools that can be used to check and follow up the respondents possible intensity of preference and their teaching in computerized grading system. It is highly recommended that the Implementation and Participation of the teachers in computerized grading system must be utilized.

The administration should be strengthened to maximize the participation of teachers by giving an ICT trainings thereby increasing their literacy. The administration should provide the physical and financial resources for sustainability of the program. The teachers should do their part in maintaining the school facilities and equipment in good condition. The strong support and commitment of both the administration and teachers are necessary in the effective implementation of the program.

The development and implementation of computerized grading system with a goal to increase the effectiveness and quality of feedback to students. Implementing a computerized grading system for Novaliches High School would make the task of recording and computing grades easier for the teachers. This will not only benefit the teachers of the school but will also benefit the administrator and students because of the improvement in the accuracy of calculations and in the proficiency and productivity of the teachers. Therefore, we could establish a better grading system using the advanced technologies that we have in our current state and improve the education system as well as the whole curriculum

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