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The Disposal of Chemicals Essay Sample

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The Disposal of Chemicals Essay Sample

Handle the mercury carefully. Wear rubber gloves and scoop it onto a sheet of paper or suck it up with an eyedropper. Place the mercury in a medicine vial or similar airtight container. The scoop, paper or eyedropper should also be bagged and disposed properly according to guidance provided by environmental officials or your local health department.

Why dispose of mercury, and what would happen if we didn’t: –

Otherwise it would contaminate the water, and from then onward goes down a very long chain of reactions and how it would be passed on, the fish in the sea would pick up the mercury in the water and most probably would poison the fish, and from there us human catch the fish to eat and if someone caught an infected fish and were to eat it they would become very ill and most probably die, especially if a pregnant woman ate an infected fish because usually the baby would come out deformed.

Elemental mercury exists as a silvery liquid and an odourless vapour at room temperature.

It is eliminated in urine, faeces, saliva, and sweat and by exhalation when it is taken in by the body.

How is Hydrochloric acid disposed of: –

Small amounts of dilute hydrochloric acid can be flushed down a sink with a large quantity of water, unless local rules prohibit this. Larger amounts should be neutralised before disposal. Concentrated acid should not be flushed down a sink but should be neutralised first. Great care must be taken when doing this.

Why would you dispose of HCL: –

The reason you would dispose of this dangerous acid is because its highly dangerous to human skin as it is corrosive.

How is potassium iodide disposed of: –

Small amounts of potassium iodide can be flushed down the sink unless local rules prohibit this.

Why would you dispose of potassium iodide: –

potassium metal is a major fire risk since it catches fire when reacting with water. Potassium salts are extremely toxic when injected. Vomiting helps prevents toxic effects from ingestion of excess amounts of potassium. And so if you dispose of this it would lower the risks from above from happening. But potassium iodide which is a gas can cause toxic inhalation and so when it is being disposed of you must wear a safety mask. Also as a long term effect it can cause cancer.

How to dispose of a radioactive source: –

The preferred long term approach to the disposal of radioactive waste is geological disposal – which means burying it underground.

The waste is put deep inside suitable layers of rock to ensure no significant quantities of radioactivity ever reach the surface.

A specially engineered underground containment facility is designed so that the natural geological barrier works together with the waste packaging to reduce the escape of radioactivity to an insignificant level.

Why would you dispose of radioactive sources: –

The reason you would dispose of radioactive sources as they are dangerous to human environment and also they could cause sickness and sometimes even cancer.

How would you dispose of benzene: –

Avoid generating vapours or mists. Prevent the release of vapours and mists into the workplace air. To avoid splashing, carefully dispense into sturdy containers made of compatible materials. Never transfer liquids by pressurizing the original shipping containers with air or inert gas.

Why would you dispose of benzene: –

The reason you would dispose of benzene is because anything like an acid or anything that has a hazard, if you rid yourself of this then the hazards that could happen are then reduced.

How do you dispose of Copper sulphate: –

To dispose of copper sulphate. You should dissolve the copper sulphate in plenty of water, and then flush down a sink with a lot of water slowly, or you could find someone else who would want it.

Why would you dispose of copper sulphate: –

If the copper sulphate is left unattended and it made contact with the skin there is a high chance that something bad would happen to the skin so to avoid this you would wash it down the sink to avoid this type of accident.

What is an agar plate: –

Contamination often occurs when pouring or inoculating agar plates, even when researchers follow proper sterile technique. Bacterial and fungal spores in the air and on surfaces can make freshly poured plates unusable, or can obscure results on inoculated plates. Being able to recognize these contaminants before using a compromised plate can save valuable time.

How to dispose of an agar plate: –

The method used is simple; all you really have to do is just wash it under a hot or cold tap of water.

Why would you dispose of an agar plate: –

Some scientists would wash the plate and then re-use them once they have been properly sterilised.

Why would you dispose of Ethanol: –

This is the liquid material which you find on hospital walls inside and outside of the wards, to keep clean hands of relatives and doctors. The reason you would dispose of ethanol is because you would need to keep a fresh supply of ethanol, because you wouldn’t really want to clean your hands with a dirty material.

How to dispose of Ethanol: –

ethanol reacts with water, when the two are combined, there is not a harmful gas that gets released but your ethanol will be disposed of.

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