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The Economics of Health Care about “National Health Insurance” Essay Sample

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The Economics of Health Care about “National Health Insurance” Essay Sample

            Our world today is faced by the crisis of growing number of uninsured and staggering medical expenses. The inflation rates of medical products have increased from the past years. There is an alarm that, in the near future, health care would be a huge problem of every family across the globe. (Doonan 2) Today, countries are trying to resolve this issue through a National Health Insurance Program. Its goal is to create a nationwide program to cover up or lessen medical expenses of those people who are insured by it. The program itself seems so wonderful. Who wouldn’t want a health insurance? Sadly, there are also some downsides to this program. This paper intends to critically analyze the positive and negative issues about a National Health Insurance Program.

            Mr. Robert Shactman, director of the council of the Health Insurance Expansion 2004, said that 85% of the American population wants a National Health Insurance Program. (Collins) Almost everyone wants this program because of its ideal benefits. The program is a humanitarian project; its aim is to give every person or family a chance to experience their right to be insured in the medical sector. Another reason for this program is that it is a must for worldwide competitiveness. In the world market today, medical products and services have increased drastically. With this program, an insured family can experience medical products and services at a lower cost. Medical services can now be attained by the families that are below the middle class. In the United States of America, every presidential candidate includes in his program the national health insurance program. (Lambrew 4) In the 2008 presidential elections, national health insurance would be a great addition to any presidential candidate’s platform. (Lambrew 5) Because of its high demand, one can say that the program is a splendid addendum for every country.

            Sadly, this program, with all its wonderful benefits, comes with a price. Economists in the United States said that this nationwide health insurance coverage would create additional tax for everyone. (Doonan 4) Families would have less income to spend since there would be a new tax to pay for this health insurance. If middle class families are having a difficult time paying their annual tax, an additional tax for health insurance would increase their burden. 60 – 70% votes of the House are needed to approve the program but since a lot of the representatives take in mind, not only the additional tax cost of the program, but also the other negative effects of the program, it is difficult to be granted. (Collins) One negative effect of the program is that it is hard to manage. The idea of the project to is to create one sole health insurance program for the whole country. It would be hard to manage due to its large structure unlike the private health insurance companies. (Doonan 5)

            Before, there were already attempts to create a National Health Insurance Program for the United States. It was part of former President Bill Clinton’s platform. Its goal was to create a nationwide health program for all American citizens. (Dilly 3) It aimed that the insurance program would be free, which means no additional tax, and with long term health benefits. (Dilly 4) The former president’s wife became the head of the project. It took much time before an actual proposal was made. When the proposal was presented to the Congress, the House immediately rejected it mostly because its idea was too idealistic and the management was too sophisticated. (Dilly 5) The idea of the project was to make the health insurance free without creating additional tax payment. If health insurance became a free then the income that is needed to create the project would come from the tax revenues of the country.  (Dilly 10) Frankly, this health insurance program will tremendously cost a lot since it is nationwide project and also has long term program benefits.  From the basic economic equations, higher tax revenue would create a higher budget deficit. And a high budget deficit would lead to a lower the National Income.

            As one can see, there are a lot of arguments against National Health Insurance but, personally, I believe that it is a great program because of its main reason which is to give insurance to the uninsured who cannot afford a hefty health insurance from private insurance company. Every man has the right to experience security from the happenings around him. It is the government’s responsibility to give this privilege to its citizens. Although it would create additional cost, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be expensive.  (Collins) With proper planning of the program, expenses can be minimized. For example, President George W. Bush presented a national health insurance program.  (Doonan 8) It favored those families that are in lower middle class. It gave full benefits of the program to those families that had an income of less than 15,000$ and they would only pay their health insurance tax at a minimal cost.  (Doonan 8) This program favored the families that can’t afford expensive private health insurance.

            In an economic view, it is true that additional tax would lessen the income of the families but in the long run, the loss that they receive from the payment of the health insurance will be returned to them in terms of better quality of living. This better quality of lifestyle in a country would attract investors and would strengthen economic progress. The short run effect of this policy may be a burden but the long term effect of it is long lasting and would profit everyone in the country. Sometimes it’s not so blinding to look at the positive side of things.

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