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On Oct. 28th 2012, the hurricane named Sandy hit New York and New Jersey. It was caught many people’s eyes not only in the US. Although it has been gone for several months, the effects of Sandy still remain not only in everyone’s heart but also in the whole society.

We all are the witness of this disastrous hurricane. So the destruction brought by Sandy is unforgettable. During that week, 600000 people didn’t have power. Many part of Queens were burnt and flooded. The picture on the New York Times showed the ruins in Queens were just like a battlefield. Many blocks were razed to the ground. Thousands of people got homeless. Just in Garden City, more than 50 old trees were blown down. Some houses, cars, and power lines were broken by the fallen trees. After that, people in New York just felt like living in Africa. All the transportation was shut down. Stores, malls, and restaurants were all closed. People couldn’t go to work. The most important stock market in the world was closed.

Thousands of flights was cancelled. What’s more, the networks and signals were also out of service. We could do nothing but wait for the power coming back. It took more than 2 weeks to repair the power lines and got the power back in some area. Everything got messy. The normal peaceful life was broken. What was the worst was many crimes happened in some neighborhood. In order to recover the disorder, the police and the military were asked to control the situation with guns. The atmosphere in the New York City was very nervous and depression. People couldn’t go out after 10 o’clock. During that tough time, we have little freedom. The government said Sandy had caused about $30 billion in losses and damage.

Although Sandy has brought so many negative effects, many people didn’t notice the positive effects brought by Sandy. Even though the government claimed that we got huge losses, the government could use it as an excuse to increase the taxes. In fact, the negative effects on the economy are in a short term. It will stimulate the economy in the next few months. In the history, once the hurricane came, we can see the weakness within the first month or two, the economic trend seem to pick up a positive trend out to six months from each event. The most obvious impact will be on housing, retail sales, and construction.

People buy much stuff that we didn’t usually use in common life to prepare for the hurricane before it comes. After that, people will buy a lot of food because their foods were all spoiled during those days without power. Do you remember the picture that all the products in the supermarkets were sold out not only before but also after the hurricane? And then, people will buy a lot of construction materials to repair their houses. Those who have lost their homes in the hurricane enter the market to find the new houses. The market is thriving after the hurricane. Besides, the hurricane can explore many hidden problem in our life. For example, many power lines are on the air rather than underground. They are very easy to get broken. So we should improve the power system after that disaster.

Hurricane Sandy has brought much memory to us. What we have experienced are both tough and unforgettable. I hope Sandy have brought more improvement in our life instead of those destruction. I believe everything will get better because we can learn a lot from this disaster.

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