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CaCO3 (s) + 2HCl(aq) –> H2O (l) + CO2 (g) + CaCl(aq)



Methods of Measurement


Size and Surface area of the CaCO3 particle; in chip of approximately 3x3x3 mm in size or in powder form.

Pre-measured. Materials are given.


Volume of gas produced in 3 minutes measured by the graduated glass collecting tube

Using a graduated glass collecting tube. The gas produced will push the water out of the tube and the volume of gas can be read on the tube

Controlled Variables:


Why it must be controlled? How could it impact the results?

How it will be controlled

Condition of where the CaCO3 and HCl are kept

Different conditions of the CaCO3 will result in different inaccurate measurement when the experiment is carry out, some CaCO3 might have been kept at different temperature, which would alter the amount of energy they have, thus changing their collision potential with HCl molecules

Both the powder and the chip CaCO3 and HCl solution must be kept in the same condition and temperature to ensure that throughout the experiment, they have consistent energy and collision potential

Molarity of HCl

This different amount of HCl liquid will cause the glass production to varies if were to used the different volume of HCl

Use 8ml of 2M HCl in every trial, as it is pre-measured

Amount of the calcium carbonate in each trial

The more calcium carbonates in HCl, the faster the reaction. As in this case, we intentionally designed CaCO3 to be the limiting reagent, an increase/decrease in the particle would cause a change in the amount of products.

Use an electronic balance to measure 0.6 g of calcium carbonate in every trials

The time we used to set perform the experiment

Plays a major on how the experiment is being conduct, with out this control the average of all the trials would be different and that in the experiment we would not have a accurate data

Set the time limit to 2 minutes, which measure, at the start of the reaction.


CaCO3 Chips

– Once the HCl is poured into the Flask

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